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2013 Milestones and awards

              ▲ Presented with the Taiwan Top             ▲ Exclusive Interview for Taiwan                ▲ Excellence Award     ▲ Excellence Award for
                  50 CSR Award for outstanding               Green Classics Book                             for Social Welfare      Customer-oriented and Innovative
                  performance in the manufacturing                                                           and Community           Services presented by the New
                  sector in 2013                         Official acquisition                                Services presented      Perspective Magazine
                                                         of common shares                                    by the New
                                   Participation in the  of Giantplus                                        Perspective                   Convening of the
                                   Lungtan Lantern                                                           Magazine                      General
                                   Festival “Street                                                                                        Shareholder’s
                                   Parade and            Transfer of stock              Passing of        Organization of                  Meeting
                                   Greeting of the       rights of CPT                  Environmental     a series of
                                   God of Wealth”        Display                        Impact            annual                           Green Expo
                                   Activity              Technology                     Assessment        innovative                       “Create a Green
                                                         (Shenzhen) Ltd.                Review and        activities                       Chunghwa as a
    JAN FEB                                              to China Star                  Complete                                           step towards a
                                                         Optoelectronics                Recycling of                                       Green Lifestyle”
                                                         Technology Co.,                Waste Water at
                                                         Ltd.                           the end of 2015                                    Participation in
                                                                                                                                           Plant Factory
                                                         Organization of a              Co-organization                                    Taiwan to create
                                                         discussion forum               of the Tong                                        new values in the
                                                         on Product                     Blossom Festival                                   field of
                                                         Quality and Green              in Sanhe Village                                   sophisticated
                                                         Sustainability at              in Lungtan                                         agriculture
                                                         the Annual

                                                         MAR                            APR               MAY                    JUN

                                                                                                               Honored with the Outstanding
                                                                                                               Photonics Product Award for
                                                                                                               the Rotatable 3D Touch
                                                                                                               Display presented by the
                                                                                                               Photonics Industry &
                                                                                                               Technology Development
                                                                                                               Association for the 16th time in

    Environment, safety and hygiene awards received in 2013                                                                                        

    Region                                                                              Taiwan

    Plant area                       Taoyuan Plant                                                        Yangmei Plant

      Award      .Certificate of Appreciation presented by the Development Center of the Spinal    .Honored with the 2013 First-Class Award for air pollutant reduction
    description                                                                                      on company premises in Taoyuan County presented by the Taoyuan
                    Cord Injured for the donation of information products and waste materials        County Environmental Protection Bureau
                 .Certificate of Appreciation presented by the Bade City Office for assistance in
                                                                                                   .as well as the 2013 Award for Excellent Achievements in the field of
                    the field of environmental protection and hygiene                                Workplace Weight Reduction presented by the Health Promotion
                 .Certificate of Appreciation presented by the Syin-Lu Social Welfare                Administration

                    Foundation for the donation of information products and waste materials
                 .2013 Award for Outstanding Achievements in the field of Workplace Health

                   Management presented by the Health Promotion Administration

                 ▲ Certificate of Appreciation           ▲ Certificate of Appreciation                    ▲ First-class award for air pollution

                 presented by Syin-Lu Social             presented by the Development                     reduction in the Yangmei Plant in 2013

                 Welfare Foundation                      Center of the Spinal Cord Injured

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