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Presentation of Achievements in the                Signing of a
                                                                     Intra-plant Contest for Improvement                Voluntary Packaging
                                                                     Activities                                         Reduction
                                                                                                                        Agreement with the
                                                                     Presentation of Achievements in the                Environmental                           C o r p o r a t e S o c i a l R e s p o n s i b i l i t y R e p o r t Company Profile
                                                                     Intra-plant Theme-based Knowledge                  Protection
                                                                     Document Contest                                   Administration in
Organization of  Participation in the 2014 International             Establishment of a           Organization of
monthly          Touch Panel & Optical Film Expo                     Personal Data                the Staff Family      Sponsorship of an
optronics                                                            Management                   Day Activity          event titled
seminars                                            Organization of  Committee to                 “Donate books         “Arithmetic of Life
                                                    the “Swimming    promote personal             for potted            Flags Carnival”
Promotion of                                        Across Sun       data protection              plants to make        organized by the
the Adaptive                                        Moon Lake”       and management               a contribution        Beautiful Taiwan
Enterprise                                          Event                                         to environmen-        Foundation
Optimization                                                         Honored with the             tal protection
(AEO) project                                                        Northern area                and public            FocalTech
                                                                     “Chairman’s                  welfare”              Systems and
Exclusive                                                            Award” in the                                      Chunghwa Picture
Interview for                                                        supreme good                 Participation in      Tubes
Taiwan Green                                                         section of the               the “2013             implementation On
Classics Award                                                       26th National                Spread Warmth         Cell mass
Book                                                                 Unity Circle                 and Happiness         production and
                                                                     Competition                  with Christmas        delivery
                                                                                                  shoeboxes”            Revitalization of
                                                                                                  Activity              assets and
                                                                                                  organized by IC       disposition of part
                                                                                                  Broadcasting          of the land of the
                                                                                                  Company               Taoyuan Bade
                                                                                                                        Plant area
JUL AUG SEP                                                          OCT                          NOV

     Selected as an example for an outstanding CSR                                                Honored with the      Honored with the
     report in the field of innovative green products and                                         Taiwan Top 50 CSR     Taiwan Excellence
     services in the environmental dimension by the                                               Award for             Award presented for
     Industrial Development Bureau of the Ministry of                                             outstanding           the 22nd time by the
     Economic Affairs                                                                             performance in the    Bureau of Foreign
                                                                                                  manufacturing         Trade of the Ministry
Honored with the Excellence Award for Customer-oriented and Innovative Services                   sector in 2013        of Economic Affairs
and Social Welfare and Community Services at the CSR Awards presented by the                      presented by the      for the 6-inch
New Perspective Magazine                                                                          Taiwan Institute for  ultra-thin AMOLED
The CPT Safety and Health Family is presented with the Labor Safety Achievement                   Sustainable Energy    display and the
Award by the county government                                                                                          5.5-inch a-Si FHD
Honored with the Green Classics Award presented for the 3rd time by the Bureau of                                       ToC with Capacitive
Foreign Trade of the Ministry of Economic Affairs                                                                       Stylus


Chunghwa Picture Tubes (Wujiang) Ltd. CPTF Optronics Co., Ltd./ CPTF Visual Display (Fuzhou) Ltd. CPT Display Technology (Fujian) Ltd.

.Selected as a Technologically Innovative     Honored with the Labor Pioneer Award by the Fuzhou  .Selected as a Municipal Enterprise Technology Cente
                                              Trade Union Federation                              .Award for Outstanding Contributions in the field of Charity
    and Advanced Enterprise in Suzhou
                                                                                                     and Public Welfare presented by the Fuzhou Charity
    (Wujiand District)
.Selected as one of the 100 Top Enterprises                                                          Federation
                                                                                                  .Honored as an Advanced Unit in the field of Charity and
    in Suzhou (Wujiand District)
.Selected as a Major Taxpayer in Suzhou                                                              Public Welfare by the Fuzhou Mawei District Charity

   (Wujiand District)                                                                                Federation
.Selected as one of the Top 10 Import/Export                                                      .Award for Unique Contributionsin the field of Charity

   Enterprises in Suzhou (Wujiand District)                                                          presented by the Fuzhou Mawei District Charity Federation
.Selected as a Major Corporate taxpayer in                                                        .Award for Outstanding Contributions in the Development

   Suzhou (Wujiand District)                                                                        of the West Coast of the Strait
                                                                                                  .Certificate for a 300,000 RMB donation for relief measures

                                                                                                     after the Lushan Earthquake in Sichuan awarded by the

                                                                                                     Fuzhou Mawei District Charity Federation

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