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Product overview

           CPT utilizes its solid foundation and experience accumulated over many years in the field of the development
    and mass production of audio-visual products for the continuous development and deployment of high growth
    products to enhance its market responsiveness and flexibility. The company also utilizes its competitive edge and
    experience present in its current production lines of medium- and small-sized applications in its active commitment
    to technological upgrades and product differentiation with a focus on strategic production line transformation, flexible
    adjustment of product mixes, and manufacture of products with high added value. The company actively develops
    medium- and small-sized touch products including smartphones, tablet computers, vehicle-mounted products, and
    touch panels.

    Current state                                                         Direction of future efforts

           CPT continues to rely on the competitive edge of its fully            Although smartphones and tablet computers which have
    developed 4.5th, and 6th generation production lines for medium-      been the focus of attention in recent years are starting to exhibit
    and small-sized applications. Due to the fact that the company        sluggish growth, it has to be pointed out that the market is
    was granted an FFS patent license in late 2012, it is capable         gravitating toward large size, Full HD, and resolutions of
    of providing power-saving and high-resolution products with           1,920×1,080 and above which in turn requires more capacity. In
    wide viewing angles that meet customer demands in the fields          2014, it is expected that increasing panel sizes and product
    of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers.           surface areas will enable the company to maintain growth rates of
    Shipment quantities remained at a very high level in 2013 due         27% and 11%, respectively, and boost business opportunities and
    to a high growth rate (over 40%) of two end products, namely          demands for panels and touch products.
    smartphones and tablet computers and the optimization of the
    product and customer mix.                                                    As for medium- and small-sized products, product and
                                                                          technical specifications for all device types have been upgraded
           As far as medium- and small-sized products are concerned,      and the ratio of FFS products is constantly increased. The
    the company continues to sharpen its manufacturing edge               proportion of 0.3T glass for the 4.5th generation production line
    through an optimization of its production lines following the         has been increased to achieve resolutions of 350ppi and above.
    switch of its 4.5th generation production lines to capacitive touch   High PPI (higher yield rate and transmittance), narrow bezel, and
    panels and touch sensors and the adoption of 0.3T glass to            Touch-on-Cell panels and devices as well as 0.4T glass have been
    satisfy the demands of more customers for high specifications         adopted for the 6th generation production line in response to
    and high quality. In addition to FFS tablet computer products,        demands for extra slim, high-resolution, and power-saving
    small-sized smartphones and vehicle-mounted and touch niche           products.
    products are now also manufactured by the highly efficient 6th
    generation production line.                                                  As far as large-sized products are concerned, the company
                                                                          focuses on the manufacture of niche products such as industrial
           As for large-sized products, the company has simplified        computers and panels for other applications.
    the product lines and focuses on the production of FFS tablet
    computers with wide viewing angles.                                          In the field of touch products, the company aims to stabilize
                                                                          touch sensor order quantities of international cell phone brand
           In the field of touch panels, CPT launched its 4+-inch,        clients and maintain the outstanding results in the development
    mid- and high-end Touch-on-Cell panels to respond to market           and sale of on-cell products. CPT also actively develops new
    demands via high added-value device types.                            device types and expands into the tablet and vehicle-mounted
                                                                          application markets.
           As far as vehicle-mounted panels are concerned, the
    company has developed a long-term partnership with Japanese                  As for vehicle-mounted panels, the application of flat panel
    customers through the acquisition of product certifications and       display end products in vehicles is gradually gaining popularity
    guarantee of a stable supply. It aims to expand into the before       following the development of green technologies and electrification
    market and successfully enter the international brand market          of cars. This includes GPS devices, the dashboard, and backseat-
    through a direct acquisition of certifications of major carmakers to  mounted LCD monitors for entertainment purposes. Consumer
    turn into their suppliers.                                            demands for smarter functions in vehicles have prompted
                                                                          carmakers to accelerate the phasing out of traditional unifunctional
                                                                          LCD displays, which in turn generates an annual growth momentum
                                                                          of around 20% for vehicle-mounted panels.

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