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Global Deployment

           CPT focuses on the role of a professional display supplier and completes the systematic integration of up
    and downstream industry chain through the global rearrangement to provide the customer with the full service/
    product competitiveness. CPT mainly provides TFT-LCD products and main sales regions are Taiw­ an, China,
    and other areas in Asia. CPT’s target customers are renowned international manufacturers of mobile devices,
    subcontractors, and back-end module manufacturers.

           To maximize the added value of products and meet market demands, a strategic decision was made to
    consolidate the monitor and large-size laptop panel product lines and expand into industrial computers and
    other niche product markets. In addition, CPT has successfully gained access to the supply chain of related
    manufacturers and turned into their main panel supplier.

           Our product enjoy advantages of the cost competition and capacity. We actively adjust the product
    portfolio, optimize the production line and combine the niche product with touch application to activate the
    capacity and increase the value.

    Continued pursuit of goals                                                                            Taoyuan Plant-Taiwan
                                                                                                          Established in 1971
            In the future, CPT will continue its commitment to the development of medium- and small-
    sizedtouch products in addition to a focus on the four major application categories (smartphones,
    tablet computers, vehicle mounted panels, and touch panels). CPT will also strive to maintain
    outstanding results in the development and sale of On-cell products, actively develop new
    device types, and expand into the tablet and vehicle-mounted application markets. The technical
    specifications of all device types have been enhanced to satisfy the customers’ multifaceted
    demands in the fields of wide viewing angles, touch functionality, and high resolution. In addition,
    CPT continues to provide customers with high-quality and low-cost products based on efforts in
    the field of organizational optimization, enhanced operational efficiency, and response to market
    development trends in close sync with customer demands to create mutually beneficial win-win

    CPTF Optronics Co., Ltd. - China
    Established in 1994

    Chunghwa Picture Tubes (Wuji-
    ang) Ltd. (CPTW)-China

    Established in 2002

                                   CPT Display Technology (Fujian)  Fujian Huaguan Optoelectronics
                                   Ltd.-China                       Co., Ltd.-China

                                   Established in 2004              Established in 2005

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