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Editorial principles

       Chunghwa Picture Tubes, Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as CPT) has just released its sixth consecutive CSR Report since
2008. In response to the release of the 4th version of the Sustainability Reporting Guidelines by the Global Reporting Initiative
(GRI) on May 22, 2013, the Application Levels A, B, and C have already been converted into core and comprehensive
options and relevant indicators and boundaries with material aspects have been identified to express the performance in
the field of the economy, environment, society, and governance in a way that better matches the needs of the stakeholders.
This “2013 Chunghwa Picture Tubes Corporate Social Responsibility Report” employs the 4th version of the Sustainability
Reporting Guidelines. In the first quarter of 2014, the editorial teams of all involved departments conducted questionnaire
surveys of stakeholders regarding the two dimensions of degree of concern and impact and invite external scholars to jointly
identify material aspects and set boundaries based on the statistical results of questionnaire surveys. A reporting framework
was determined through the participation of the General Manager. CPT expects to report the performance and disclose
information in the fields of economy, society, employees, and environment/safety/health to stakeholders in an effective
and systematic fashion and meet the demands of the general public to facilitate the acquisition of information by different

Reporting Framework                                                        Period covered by the report

         This annual report is based on the “MUST” (Management,                     Jan 1 to Dec 31, 2013 Certain activities which were planned and
User's Response, System, Things/Action) sustainable develop-               organized before December 2012 or after January 2014 have also been
ment framework established by consensus of top executives. This            included to guarantee the completeness of account data. This report
not only signals that CPT implements CSR management in a sys-              presents past achievements as well as future plans and forecasts The
tematic, strategic, and continuous fashion but also highlights the         above mentioned assumptions and judgments are based on the condi-
determination of CPT in the promotion of CSR. CPT enlists the top          tions at the time of release of this report. The actual activities and results
executives of all business departments and external experts for the        may differ from the forecasts.
formation of the Green Management Committee which is respon-
sible for the full-scale promotion of CSR, the editorial work for this      Reporting Guidelines and Reliability
report as well as the formulation of policies and goals for the con-
tinued promotion of CSR in the future.                                              The disclosed sustainability themes of the “2013 Chunghwa Pic-
                                                                           ture Tubes Corporate Social Responsibility Report” and all corresponding
 Boundary and Scope                                                        strategies, goals, and measures conform to:

         The “2013 Chunghwa Picture Tubes Corporate Social                 .The G4 Guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI G4)
Responsibility Report” boundaries encompass the CSR-related                .Corporate Social Responsibility Best Practice Principles for TWSE/
performance of Chunghwa Picture Tubes, Ltd. and CPT Technology
(Group) Co., Ltd. In addition to these two organizations, the                GTSM-Listed Companies
report also covers local communities, suppliers, customers, and                     To enhance the transparency and reliability of the provided
stakeholders. The identified material aspects and the combined
boundaries mark the categories.                                            information, this report has been verified by SGS Taiwan Ltd. to confirm
                                                                           that it meets the core options of GRI G4 and the first category and highest
         With a view to shifting its focus to small- and medium-sized      assurance level of AA1000 AS (2008)
panels and activating its assets, CPT sold CPT Display Technology
(Shenzhen) Ltd. and transferred its stock rights to the Chinese             Reporting cycle
panel manufacturer China Star Optoelectronics. Said company was
therefore not included in the disclosure scopes of the 2013 report.        We welcome your comments and questions. Our contact details are as
         In April 2013, the company acquired Giantplus Technology          Current issue: July 2014
which was also not included in the disclosure scopes of the 2013           Next issue: planned release in July 2015
report.                                                                    Previous issue: July 2013

         On December 23, 2013, the company decided to revitalize            Contact information
and dispose of part of the land of the Taoyuan Bade Plant area.
Jones Lang LaSalle was commissioned to dispose of a plant area of          We welcome your comments and questions. Our contact details
61,354 sqm and a building area of 29,266 sqm for a total transaction       are as follows:
volume of 2.814 billion NTD. The counterparties were Toppan                Chunghwa Picture Tubes, Ltd.
Chunghwa Electronics Corporation and a real estate development             Sustainable Development Department, Safety and Health Head
firm. The profit from the transaction amounted to 86 million NTD.          Office
                                                                           No.1127, Heping Rd, Bade City, Taoyuan County
Taiwan China   Chunghwa Picture         CPT Technology (Group) Co., Ltd.   Tel: 03-4786121Ext. 8553
               Tubes, Ltd.              NA                                 Fax: 03-2607993
              .Taoyuan Plant (CPTT)                                        Company website
              .Lungtan Plant (CPTL)
              .Yangmei Plant (CPTY)                                                          000-8

              . CPTF Optronics Plant    . Chunghwa Picture Tubes

                  (CPTF)                    (Wujiang) Plant (CPTW)

              .CPTF Visual Display      . CPT Display Technology (Fujian)

                  (Fuzhou) Plant (FVD)      Plant (FDT)

                                        . Fujian Huaguan Optoelectronics

                                            Plant (CTOC)
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