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Foreword by the Chairman
                 report produced by a board chairman

         Facing challenges in the field of market competition and changing product technologies, Chunghwa Picture Tubes has undergone
a three-year arduous transformation process which began in 2010. In 2012, CPT switched to the manufacture of medium- and small-sized
niche products and shifted its focus to four major fields (smartphones, tablet computers, vehicle-mounted, and touch panels). In 2013, the
company completed the adjustment of its product mix and differentiation strategy. This marks a successful focus on global development
trends in the field of medium- and small-sized products as well as emerging business opportunities in the Touch-on-Cell product market.
An optimized product mix, enhanced yield rate, and strict cost controls enabled the company to record a profit in the 3rd quarter breaking
a string of 20 consecutive losing quarters. This success was made possible through the efforts of all CPT staff members and the full
cooperation of all suppliers as well as the approval and support by customers and stakeholders. CPT is fully aware of the unique properties
and complex specifications of medium- and small-sized products as well as the short product life cycle. In 2014, the company will therefore
continue to increase the speed of product development, enhance the quality of its products, and accelerate the pace of mass production to
increase order volumes and the company’s market share in the field of medium- and small-sized panels. What’s even more important is the
ability to maintain profits, create new opportunities, and respond to market developments in a rapid fashion. CPT strives to record profits
over the whole year and allow the company to return to the ranks of first-tier panel manufacturers.

         CPT actively develops new product types to earn profits but the company is also committed to a continued internal implementation
of optimized sustainable operations and management. A large number of projects have already been completed. This includes the full-scale
promotion of knowledge management and innovation programs, an active deployment of patents on a global scale, improved supply chain
safety and customs clearance efficiency, a strengthening of personal data protection management, workplace safety, and employee care as
well as efforts in the field of conservation of energy resources, green products, and community care. These efforts have been rewarded with
numerous awards and recognitions including an AEO certificate for superior enterprises, the Outstanding Photonics Product Award (presented
for the 16th time), the Taiwan Excellence Award (presented for the 22nd time), the Green Classics Award (presented for the 3rd time) “ the
Taiwan Top 50 CSR Award- for outstanding performance in the manufacturing sector,” and the Northern area “Chairman Award” in the
supreme goods section of the 26th National Unity Circle Competition. The Taoyuan Plant was recognized with the Award for Outstanding
Achievements in the field of Workplace Health Management, while the Yangmei Plant received the Award for Excellent Achievements in
the field of Workplace Weight Reduction and the Fuzhou Plant was honored with the Award for Unique Contributions in the field of Charity.
Other achievements include the signing of a packaging reduction agreement with the Environmental Protection Administration in 2014
and the organization of a green campaign for the recycling and conversion of waste flags into eco bags. The achievements of the various
campaigns and activities initiated by CPT have been widely recognized by all walks of society and the government. The company will share
the valuable experiences it gained through the promotion of these activities with its stakeholders via various platforms with the goal of
creating a wonderful sustainable lifestyle in cooperation with all stakeholders.

         The issue of climate change and depletion of energy resources continues to ferment. In response to the challenges posed by climate
change, governments all over the globe promote green economies and develop green industries. Driven by government policies, green
consumption and procurement are gradually turning into an inevitable trend. In the face of the risks and opportunities posed by climate
change, the CPT Green Management Committee continues to promote the energy conservation and carbon reduction activities of the
2013-2015 CPT Green Optimization Plan and aims to extend the ISO50001 Energy Management System from the Taoyuan pilot plant to
the Lungtan and Yangmei Plants to achieve an effective reduction of energy resource consumption through systematic management. In
addition, the disasters triggered by the 311 earthquake in Japan and the floods in Thailand highlight the fact that the disruption of business
operations has turned into an operational risk which businesses can’t afford to neglect. In 2014, CPT will fully adopt the Business Continuity
Management System (BCMS) to manage the risks of operation disruptions, establish a framework for operational continuity, and develop
business continuity plans. CPT is expected to gradually realize the goal of green and sustainable business management and sustainable use
of global resources to achieve a harmonious coexistence with the environment and dispel the risk of global climate change. A firm grasp of
the green development trends and business opportunities will enable the company to achieve the goals of social equity through corporate
development, sustained economic development, and ecological balance as well as greater overall welfare.


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