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COMPPRAONFIYLE                                                                                                                                 C o r p o r a t e S o c i a l R e s p o n s i b i l i t y R e p o r t Company Profile

 Company Profile

              Chunghwa Picture Tubes, Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as CPT) was established on May 4, 1971 and went public on September
      17, 2001 (TWSE Ticker Symbol 2475)Since CPT started to import picture tube displays in 1971, it has been committed to developing
      advanced display technologies and products. In 2001, the next generation TFT-LCD technology was officially adopted in 2001 for the
      research, manufacture, and sale of products. In 2011, the 6th generation line was transformed for the manufacture of medium- and small-
      sized panels. Mass production was initiated in 2012 and the company was successfully transformed into a manufacturer of medium- and
      small-sized panels. CPT is currently mainly engaged in the research, manufacture, and sale of TFT-LCD and Color Filter (CF) displays
      for medium and small applications. CPT Technology (Group) Co., Ltd. was officially established in China in January 2011 (SZSE Ticker
      Symbol 000536) to create a production and sales base in a target market. The company operations mainly focus on the back-end module
      assembly for TFT-LCD products. CPT acquired Giantplus Technology stock rights in early 2013 (TWSE Ticker Symbol 8105). Through
      the coordination and integration of the up-and downstream supply chains of both companies and a sharing of production technologies
      and resources, it is possible to satisfy customer demands for complete solutions. At the same time, the company gains the ability to
      respond to the business ecology of the medium- and small-sized panel industry in a rapid fashion by connecting the front- and back-end
      resources, which in turn helps enhance product competitiveness and external response capabilities as well as the profitability of overall
      operations. In the future, CPT will continue to focus on the development of medium- and small-sized niche products and green products
      that meet consumer demands as well as the creation of products with greater added value to respond to market trends.

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