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Foundation and Growth

           CPT is a professional manufacturer of display components in Taiwan. Cutting-edge technologies
    and multidimensional product lines represent the competitive edge of the company. CPT mainly develops,
    designs, manufactures, and sells large- medium- and small-sized flat display panels and cathode ray tubes
    (CRT).In 2012, the company disposed of its CRT-related services to shift its focus to TFT-LCD products.
    In response to changing market demands in recent years, the company has gradually contracted its
    production of computer display panels and laptop panels. Medium- and small-sized display panels and
    touch panels now make up close to 100% of the overall revenue.

    Business philosophy                                                      . Corporate vision:Pursuit of material and mental happiness
                                                                                 for all employees and valuable contributions to social
            CPT’s cardinal rules for business management are based on            progress
    a fusion of a corporate culture of “Integrity, Honesty, Diligence,
    and Frugality”, a business philosophy characterized by Creation,         . Corporate mission: Stable profits, Continued growth, con
    Perfection, and Teamwork” as well as the six core values of                  stant innovation, fulfillment of social responsibility.
    “Agility, Accountability, Integrity, Innovation, Cooperation, and
    Passion” with the goal of realizing the vision and fulfilling the        . Quality policy: Customer first, staff participation, zero-defect
    mission of the company in an effort to manufacture products that             target
    meet the needs of consumers.

                                                                                                      迅捷               當責
                                                                                                      Agile        Accountability


    TC                                                                                        Core    Values          合作
    TEAMWORK  P CREATION                                                     熱情

      團結合作                創造革新                                               Passion                  廉正

              PERFECTION                                                                              Integrity


    CSR vision (Policies)                                                    . Employees: Creation of a healthy “LOHAS” work environment
                                                                                to realize autonomous environmental protection
            CPT formed a Green Management Committee in April
    2010 with the General Manager as its chairman. The following             . Suppliers: Manufacturers are requested to implement green
    five functional committees are subordinate to this unit: The                operations and provide green services
    Environment, Safety, and Health (ESH), Green Innovation, Green
    Product, Green Process, and Green Cooperation Committees.                . Customers: Provision of premium green products to pursue
    The Green Management Committee also formulates the CSR                      customer identification
    vision of the company which is actively implemented and
    promoted in the dimensions of employees, suppliers, customers,           . Environment: Decreased consumption of energy resources
    environment, and society.                                                   and development of eco-friendly products

                                                                             . Society: Enlistment of employees in community care to create
                                                                                a green image

    Promotion of a Culture of Accountability

           In 2011, CPT started to actively promote a culture of             the key personnel (technicians/assistants/associate workers)
    accountability which is constituted by the six core values of “Agility,  received accountability training. Due to the promotion of
    Accountability, Integrity, Innovation, Cooperation, and Passion”         accountability between 2011 and 2013, all employees have
    and inculcate these core values in the “DNA” of its employees.           a clear understanding of the spirit of accountability. The
    Roles are assigned and gray areas are eliminated according               accountability awards and outstanding employee awards have
    to accountability methods and principles (ARCI), which in turn           been integrated and each unit has been requested to report
    enhances the overall implementation efficiency of projects.              employees that exhibit behavior consistent with the six core
                                                                             values (including accountability behavior) as a form of actual
           Accountability concepts were imparted by internal seed            encouragement. The creation of teaching materials for the six
    instructors in a total of 30 sessions in 2012 and practical              core values is planned for 2014. Courses will be conducted
    guidance was provided through projects with the goal of giving           online and it is expected that all employees will receive training
    the accountability team a better understanding of the intricate          between 2014 and 2016.
    relationship and interactions between supervisors and assistants
    as well as the duties and responsibilities and positioning of                                                                Culture
    related units. This also helped the team analyze the nature of
    work tasks as well as the positioning, regard these tasks with                                                           Dedication to E-learning
    empathy, and get a grasp of the keys to team communication                                                                 accountability course
    and cooperation as well as employ the most effective teamwork
    methods. In 2013, the third stage of accountability (“Dedication                                               E-learning accountability course
    to accountability”) was promoted and 100% (2,132 employees) of
                                                                                                   Practice                     Courses taught by
                                                                                                                             internal seed instructors

                                                                                         Commitment to accountability

                                                                                                     Courses taught by internal seed  To provide assistance for
                                                                                                             instructors with actual     the 10 major projects
                                                                             Training professional guidance as case                         of an ARCI team
                                                                                                                                             Presentation of
                                                                             Understand the              Establishment                      achievements in
                                                                              accountability              and award of
                                                                                                      accountability prizes                     the field of
                                                                             Utilization of external         Project
                                                                               training resources     guidance practice                        2013

                                                                             Training of internal        Adoption of an
                                                                               seed instructors       assessment system

                                                                             2011                            2012

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