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Foreword by                                                                                                                  C o r p o r a t e S o c i a l R e s p o n s i b i l i t y R e p o r t Company Profile
                        the General Manager

      2013 Renewed profitability
      2014 Grasp the key to success

2013 was a crucial year for CPT. The company completed the adjustment of the product mix and differentiation strategy. This marks a
successful focus on global development trends in the field of medium- and small-sized products as well as emerging business opportunities
in the Touch-on-Cell product market. As far as smartphones are concerned, the company officially initiated the mass production and
shipping of FFS+ Touch-On Cell products in the 3rd quarter. These products were highly acclaimed by customers and the market. As for
vehicle-mounted products, accumulated deliveries by the 3rd quarter of 2013 already exceeded the total deliveries for 2012. In the field of
tablet computers, the company started shipping its 8-inch narrow-bezel products in the 3rd quarter. CPT was able to break a string of 20
consecutive losing quarters due to an optimization of the product mix of the four large application product categories (smartphones, tablet
computers, vehicle-mounted panels, and touch panels) as well as an enhanced yield rate and strict cost controls. Not only was the company
able to turn losses into profits, it also received confirmation that its efforts in the transformation process over the past years were successful
and worthwhile. The company is grateful to all executives and employees and supply chain partners for their joint efforts in the completion of
arduous duties and its customers, investors, and stakeholders for their continued support and approval.
Looking ahead to 2014, it is expected that the panel industry will maintain its remarkable growth pattern. The company will strive to continue
the successful development and impressive sales results in the field of On-Cell products. In the future, the company will actively develop
new device types and expand into the tablet and vehicle-mounted application markets. The technical specifications of all device types have
been enhanced to satisfy the customers’ multifaceted demands in the fields of wide viewing angles, touch functionality, and high resolution.
In addition, the company continues to provide its customers with high-quality and low-cost products based on its efforts in the field of
organizational optimization, enhanced operational efficiency, and response to market development trends in close sync with customer
demands to create mutually beneficial win-win outcomes.
Besides an active pursuit of profitability, CPT is also committed to fulfilling its responsibility toward our planet and the environment.
Environmental protection is a key consideration starting from the early stages of product development. The company actively participates in
community welfare activities, provides care for disadvantaged groups, and supports environmental protection activities. CPT sincerely hopes
that its comparatively small contributions will set an example for others to emulate and give a strong impetus to the care for disadvantage
groups and our planet and fulfillment of corporate social responsibility by all involved parties.

                                                                                    General Manager

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