Page 14 - 2014 CPT Corporate Social Responsibility Report
P. 14

Sustainable Development

                                                                                         CPT continues to push forward the
                                                                                    Social and Environmental Responsibility
                                                                                    (SER) Plan with a goal to develop an
                                                                                    organizational culture of corporate
                                                                                    social responsibility. CPT implements
                                                                                    its corporate social responsibility policy
                                                                                    based on EICC (Electronic Industry Code
                                                                                    of Conduct) and GRI G4 to ensure that
                                                                                    workplace safety is properly secured,
                                                                                    corporate risks are sufficiently assessed and
                                                                                    prevented, employee rights are protected
                                                                                    and respect and pollution prevention
                                                                                    is effectively implemented in the
                                                                                    manufacturing processes and production.
                                                                                    In 2014, CPT continues to call the supplier
                                                                                    meeting. A plan was set to advocate EICC,
                                                                                    supply chain related indicators in GRI
                                                                                    G4, product carbon and water footprint
                                                                                    verification, material safety guidelines,
                                                                                    greenhouse gas inventory and reduction,
                                                                                    water usage inventory and reduction and
                                                                                    waste inventory and reduction to CPT’s
                                                                                    suppliers and contractors and encourage
                                                                                    them to exert their influence on their
                                                                                    upstream suppliers and contractors. CPT
                                                                                    strives to build a responsible supply chain
                                                                                    system for sustainable development.
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