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Editorial principles

       Chunghwa Picture Tubes, Ltd. (hereinafter referred      on the con-current status and conditions of relevant                          Chunghwa Picture Tubes, Co., Ltd. (CPT) CPT Technology (Group) Co., Ltd. (CPTTG)
to as CPT) has just released its seventh consecutive CSR       issues. Actual activities and effects in the future may be
Report since 2008. This 2014 Chunghwa Picture Tubes Ltd.       divergent from the projected results.                           Taiwan China  •	Taoyuan	Plant	(CPTT)  NA
Corporate Social Responsibility Report has been compiled                                                                                     •	Lungtan	Plant	(CPTL)
based on the G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines            Reporting Guidelines and Reliability                                          •	Yangmei	Plant	(CPTY)
published by the Global Reporting Initiative on May
22nd 2013. In the first quarter of 2015, the report editing    The disclosed sustainability themes of the 2014 Chunghwa                      •	CPTF	Optronics	Co.,	Ltd.	(CPTF) •	Chunghwa	Picture	Tubes	(Wujiang)	Ltd.	(CPTW)
team launched questionnaire surveys to study stakeholder       Picture Tubes Corporate Social Responsibility Report and
concerns and influence. External scholars were invited to      all corresponding strategies, goals, and measures conform                     •	CPTF	Visual	Display	(Fuzhou)	Ltd.	 •	CPT	Display	Technology	(Fujian)	Ltd.	(FDT)
participate in the materials assessment; through which,        to:
we identify the major issues and establish the boundaries                                                                                    (FVD)                   •	CPT	TPV	(Optical)	Co.,	Ltd.	(CTOC)
for this report. The General Manager participated in             ♦	 The	G4	Guidelines	of	the	Global	Reporting	Initiative	
the assessment, reviewed the results and determined                  (hereinafter referred to as GRI G4);                      Reporting cycle
the structure of this report. CPT expects to report the
performance and disclose information in the fields of             Corporate Social Responsibility Best Practice Principles     CPT has made a firm commitment to releasing CSR
economy, society, employees, and environment/safety/           for TWSE/GTSM-Listed Companies                                  reports on an annual basis.
health to stakeholders in an effective and systematic fashion  To enhance the transparency and reliability of the provided     Current issue: June 2015
and meet the demands of the general public to facilitate the   information, this report has been verified by SGS Taiwan        Next issue: planned release in June 2016
acquisition of information by different stakeholders.          Ltd.	to	confirm	that	it	meets	the	core	options	of	GRI	G4	and	   Previous issue: July 2014
                                                               the first category and highest assurance level of AA1000
Reporting Framework                                            AS (2008).                                                      Contact information

       This annual report is based on the “MUST”               Boundary and Scope                                              We welcome your comments and questions. Our contact
(Management, User's Response, System, Things/Action)                                                                           details are as follows:
sustainable development framework established by                     “The 2014 Chunghwa Picture Tubes Corporate Social         Chunghwa Picture Tubes, Co., Ltd.
consensus of top executives. This not only signals that CPT    Responsibility Report boundaries” encompass the CSR-            Sustainable Development Department, Safety and Health
implements CSR management in a systematic, strategic, and      related performance of Chunghwa Picture Tubes, Ltd. and         Head	Office
continuous fashion but also highlights the determination       CPT Technology (Group) Co., Ltd. In addition to these two       No. 80, Xingshan Rd., Yangmei Dist., Taoyuan City
of CPT in the promotion of CSR. CPT enlists the top            organizations, the report also covers local communities,        Tel: 03-4786121Ext. 8553
executives of all business departments and external experts    suppliers, customers, and stakeholders. The identified          Fax: 03-2607993
for the formation of the Green Management Committee            material aspects and the combined boundaries mark the           e-mail:
which is responsible for the full-scale promotion of CSR,      categories.                                                     Company website
the editorial work for this report as well as the formulation
of policies and goals for the continued promotion of CSR in          Giantplus Technology Co., Ltd., acquired by
the future.                                                    Chunghwa Picture Tubes, Ltd. (CPT) in April 2013, will
                                                               publish an independent CSR report. Therefore, the company
Period covered by the report                                   is not included in the coverage of this 2014 CSR Report of
                                                               Chunghwa Picture Tubes, Ltd. (This Report).
      Jan 1 to Dec 31, 2014, certain activities which
were planned and organized before December 2013 or                   KMTC, which was successfully launched into
after January 2015 have also been included to guarantee        operation on July 15, 2014, is not included in the scope of
the completeness of account data. This report presents         disclosure of this Report.
past achievements as well as future plans and forecasts.
Assumptions and results made and derived in the                      An application for a revitalized use of part of the land
above-mentioned assessment were determined based               of the Taoyuan Plant was lodged on December 23rd 2013.
                                                               The Company applied to the concerned authority, Ministry
                                                               of Economic Affairs (MOEA), for a change of address on
                                                               August 27th 2014. The new address is: No. 1, Huaying Rd.,
                                                               Long tan Dist., Taiyuan City
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