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Chunghwa Picture Tubes Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Foreword by the Chairman                                                                                                                            Integrity Honesty
                                                                                                                                                    Diligence Frugality
In response to market competition and shift of product valuable opportunities to enhance their skills and learn valuable

technology, CPT completed transformation of product lines into the experiences. We shared our knowledge and experiences with our

more profitable small to medium niche products in 2012, focusing stakeholders through various platforms as part of our efforts to make

on four major product areas: smartphones, tablet PC, automotive effective contribution to the sustainability of our living environment.

applications and touch screen panels. In 2013, CPT has achieved the              In response to the amendments of the Corporate Social
goals of product line adjustment and differentiation and will continue    Responsibility Best Practice Principles for TWSE/GTSM Listed
the momentum to speed up product development, product quality             Companies published by the Taiwan Stock Exchange and Taipei
improvement and mass production in 2014. New generation products          Exchange on November 7th 2014, the Board of Directors approved the
replaced the old ones in the blink of an eye. Fast product upgrade        revised editions of CPT Corporate Social Responsibility Best Practice
spins the cycle of industrial development and shifts the profit bases     Principles, CPT Corporate Governance Best Practice Principles and
over a much shorter period. Although CPT was not able to achieve the      CPT Procedures for Ethical Management and Guidelines for Conduct
goal	of	turning	the	Company	from	losses	to	profits,	the	scale	of	losses	  on December 22, 2014. The Company also plans to upgrade the Green
shrank by 13% compared to 2013. We must thank every member of             Management Committee established in 2010 into the Sustainability
CPT, for their efforts pushed the company a step forward to success.      Management Committee in 2015, which will be strengthened with
We must also thank our suppliers, customers and stakeholders for          an Internal Control Team and a Supply Chain Management Sub-
their continuous support. The year 2015 will be a year when we put        committee. The new Sustainability Management Committee is
our know-how learned from the successful cases in the industry into       expected to cover a wider scope of corporate governance functions to
practice	to	turn	the	company	from	losses	into	profits.	We	will	focus	on	  meet the requirements of corporate social responsibility and sustainable
upgrading product values and increase the weight on On-Cell touch-        development in economic, social and environmental aspects set out for
screen and high resolution products with improved FFS technology to       the public companies by the competent authority.
meet	our	customers'	demands	for	slim,	high-resolution,	energy	efficient	

and differentiated products. To win customer orders, we will continue     The issues of climate change and energy depletion continue to

to seek higher market share for small to medium size panels. By gain attention on a global scale. Taiwan has experienced the worst
lowering	the	risk	of	price	fluctuations,	we	continue	to	improve	product	 drought since 1978. Rainfall hit a record low in the autumn and
values and the Company's profitability. CPT is marching steadily winter of 2014, causing a serious water shortage in the Taoyuan
towards	the	goal	of	turning	from	losses	to	profits.
                                                                          area, where a three-stage water rationing was implemented from

       While seeking all opportunities to maximize profits, CPT           April 8th 2015. The water shortage brought certain risks; therefore,
continues to build a system of sustainability management. CPT pushed      CPT began to implement green manufacturing processes since 2006,
forward several programs for knowledge management and innovation,         targeting to cut down water usage and improve the rate of water
global patents, product quality optimization, supply chain safety and     recycle. In 2014, CPT took a further step to implement a full-scale
expedited custom clearance, reinforcement of personal information         BCMS (Business Continuity Management System). Through these,
protection and management and a corporate operation continuous            the Company established the framework and developed a plan for
management	system,	safe	workplace,	employee	care,	energy	efficiency,	     business continuity. Up to 2014, CPT has completed the Waterwheel
green product and community care. The programs have brought fruitful      Project of water supplying and the ongoing water-saving action plan
results. In 2015, CPT’s efforts were recognized by several awards,        and wastewater reduction plan will be continuously implemented. CPT
including	the	12th	Gold	Panel	Awards	for	flat-panel	display	component	    strives to work side-by-side with the citizens of Taoyuan through this
product technology, the 17th Outstanding Photonics Product Award,         water crisis.

the 23rd Taiwan Excellence Award, silver medal for large enterprises      CPT’s 2013-2015 Green Optimization Plan will continue to lead

in the electronics industry in the 2014 Taiwan Corporate Sustainability the Company in the campaigns for energy-saving and GHG reduction.
Awards, Northern area “Chairman Award” in the supreme goods CPT has also implemented the ISO 50001 energy management
section of the 27th National Unity Circle Competition. National system to effectively cut down on the consumption of energies and
Awards for Workplace Excellence- Health Management Award resources through effective management. CPT strives to substantively
(Yangmei Plant) and Outstanding Enterprise in Safe Production (CPTW implement green and sustainable management, effectively mitigate the
and FDT). In 2015, CPT also led its employees to participate in the risks brought about by global climate change and achieve the goal of
Taoyuan County River Cleaning Carnival, co-organized the 2014 corporate development in harmony with the environment of the Earth
Longtan Township Sanhe Community Tung Blossom Festival and and energy/resource sustainability.
sponsored the Beautiful Taiwan Foundation for the Flags and Banners

Re-cycle and Re-use Exhibition. CPT is honored to receive recognition     Chairman
from the communities and the government for its efforts in promoting

and	advocating	sustainability.	Various	projects	brought	our	employees	                          Sincerely,
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