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Chunghwa Picture Tubes Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Company Profile

      Chunghwa Picture Tubes, Co., Ltd.              Company Profile
(hereinafter referred to as CPT) was established
on May 4, 1971 and went public on September
17, 2001 (TWSE Ticker Symbol 2475)CPT
brought the first picture tube display in Taiwan
in 1971. This epoch-making product launched
CPT into several decades of development for
display technology and products. In 2001, CPT
officially launched into research, manufacturing
and distribution of the next generation TFT-
LCD. In 2012, CPT successfully transformed into
a supplier of small to medium display panels.
Currently, CPT's main operations in Taiwan
included research, manufacturing and distribution
of TFT-LCD and CF products for small to medium
size applications. CPT Technology (Group) Co.,
Ltd. was officially established in China in January
2011 (SZSE Ticker Symbol 000536) to create a
production and sales base in a target market. CPT
operations mainly focus on the back-end module
assembly for TFT-LCD products. In 2013, CPT
merged with Grantplus Technology (TWSE stock
code 8105). Giantplus consolidated the supply
chain and production technology and helped CPT
to quickly adapt to the market of small to medium
size display panels. CPT (Group) teamed up with
King-Fong Asia Pacific (Hong Kong) to invest
in a manufacturing plant for aluminosilicate
glass and founded a company, named KMTC.
KMTC was officially launched into production
on July l5th 2014, offering high-tech protective
glass material to the touch- screen industry. CPT
will continue to focus on the development of the
profitable small to medium size products, enhance
product quality and integrated services, develop
green products to meet customer demands,
develop higher product values and upgrade overall
operating efficiency to achieve the profit goals.
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