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Foundation and Growth

      CPT is a professional manufacturer of display components in Taiwan. Cutting-edge technologies and multidimensional product lines represent the
competitive edge of CPT. CPT mainly develops, designs, manufactures, and sells large- medium- and small-sized flat display panels and cathode ray tubes (CRT).
In 2012, CPT disposed of its CRT-related services to shift its focus to TFT-LCD products. In response to changing market demands in recent years, CPT has
gradually contracted its production of computer display panels and laptop panels. Medium- and small-sized display panels and touch panels now make up close
to 100% of the overall revenue.

Business philosophy                                         CSR vision (Policies)

          CPT’s cardinal rules for business management are  CPT formed a Green Management Committee in April 2010 with                                   迅捷

based on a fusion of a corporate culture of “Integrity, Honesty, the General Manager as its chairman. The following five functional                      Agile           當責

Diligence, and Frugality”, a business philosophy characterized committees are subordinate to this unit: The Environment, Safety, and                                     Accountability

by Creation, Perfection, and Teamwork” as well as the six Health (ESH), Green Innovation, Green Product, Green Process, and                     創新

core values of “Agility, Accountability, Integrity, Innovation, Green Cooperation Committees. The Green Management Committee                Innovation
Cooperation, and Passion” with the goal of realizing the vision also formulates the CSR vision of CPT which is actively implemented

and fulfilling the mission of CPT in an effort to manufacture and promoted in the dimensions of employees, suppliers, customers,                                            合作
products that meet the needs of consumers.                  environment, and society.                                                            熱情      Core Values
● Corporate vision: Pursuit of material and mental happiness for ● Employees: Creation of a healthy “LOHAS” work                                              廉正
  all employees and valuable contributions to social progress. environment to realize autonomous environmental protection

● Mission of CPT: stable profit, continuous growth, non-stop ● Suppliers: Manufacturers are requested to implement green                                      Integrity
  innovation and fulfilment of corporate social responsibility. operations and provide green services

● Quality policy: Customer first, staff participation, zero-defect ● Customers: Provision of premium green products to pursue

target                                                        customer identification                                               Definition                          Description
                                                            ● Environment: Decreased consumption of energy resources           Agile
                 TEAMWORK                                                                                                                       Quick response to changes in business strategies and rising
                                                              and development of eco-friendly products                         Accountability   opportunities.
          T 團結合作                                            ● Society: Enlistment of employees in community care to                             Take action and responsibility for optimum results; giving
                                                                                                                                                everything one more ounce of effort in the pursuit of
                                                              create a green image                                                              perfection.

                                                                                                                                                Taking the spirit of teamwork into cross-departmental

                                                                                                                               Cooperation      collaboration and integration to optimize organizational


                     P PERFECTION                                                                                              Integrity        The basic principles of honesty and prudence: business
                                                                                                                                                with integrity, dedication and ethical conduct.

          C CREATION                                                                                                           Passion          Creating a LOHAS workplace and inspiring passion for
                                                                                                                               Innovation       work, courage for challenge and positive thinking.
                   創造革新                                                                                                                         Transcending creative ideas into innovation, active pursuit
                                                                                                                                                of breakthroughs and overcoming challenges in the market
                                                                                                                                                with innovative ideas.

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