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Chunghwa Picture Tubes Corporate Social Responsibility Report

                Company Profile                                                Foreword by the  2014 Grasp the key to success
                                                                               General Manager  2015 Upgrading Product Values
Six Core Values
                                                                                       CPT has successfully transformed into a supplier of small to medium size display panels. This market is characterized by high
        To promote CPT’s six core values: Agility,                             diversity in specifications and short product life cycle. Therefore, the speed of product development, product quality and the speed of
Accountability, Integrity, Innovation, Cooperation, and                        mass production are detrimental in the competition for orders. In 2014, CPT has completed organizational adjustment for an upgraded
Passion, the Company invited Mr. Jacky Shaw, founder                           production system to accommodate expedited product development, production of high-quality products and fast mass production. In
and CEO of Shaw Gallery, former General Manager                                the smartphone market, the scale of shipment reached 150 million pieces due to the high demand in the end-applications of smartphone
of Pintian Ranch Restaurant Chain and former Deputy                            products. In the tablet PC market, shipment reached 47.70 million pieces due to an upgrade in product specifications and increasin
General Manager of Wang Steak Restaurant Chain to give                         demand from the emerging markets. In the automotive market, CPT actively sought product certification from long-term customers
a speech on Agility- the Path to Business Success. This                        in Japan, secured stable supply, expanded into the “before market”, successfully entered the international brand market and became
was a seminar about passion and agility for work, held at                      certified suppliers of automotive manufacturers. Therefore, shipment exceeded 10 million pieces. In 2014, CPT was making a profi
Longtan International Conference Center on October 15,                         in the first half, but the second half took a turn for a loss due to the shifting product trends in the market brought about by an industrial
2014. Mr. Shaw shared his experiences at Wang Steak and                        upgrade. However, the major product lines for smartphone, tablet PC and automotive display panels still recorded a 23, 3 and 16%
the management philosophy and the corporate culture of this                    growth rate respectively. This is a result of a successful organizational reform. This is thanks to the hard-work of all managers an
benchmark corporation. His speech touched two of CPT’s                         employees at CPT and our supply chain partners. We also like to thank our customers, investors and stakeholders for their continuous
six core values: passion and agility, echoing the Company’s                    support.
effort to bring the employees to identify with CPT’s six core
values. The Chairman, General Manager and executives                                   The display panel industry is expected to grow continuously in 2015. For smartphone and tablet PC, high-specification phones
joined the employees in this highly interactive seminar and                    offered at moderate price range are stimulating consumer demand; therefore, 22 and 2% growth respectively are
the full audience gave the speaker warm responses.                             projected for these two markets. For automotive displays, rising electronic applications for cars brought increasing
                                                                               demands for TFT-LCD. The market has seen continuous growth for three years and is projected to grow 19% in
▲Mr. Shaw, founder and CEO of Shaw Gallery, shared his experiences,            2015. CPT will continue to upgrade product values with its advantages and extensive experiences in small to
addressing two of CPT’s six core values: passion and agility, echoing the      medium size displays. Strategies for smartphone products include continuously upgrading FFS technology,
Company’s effort to bring the employees to identify with CPT’s six core        integrating with On-Cell touch-screen products and high-resolution products. Strategies for tablet PC product
values.                                                                        include upgrading product resolutions and developing larger-size products. The strategies for automotiv
                                                                               displays include continuous upgrade of product specifications (e.g. resolution, contrast, shorter low-temperature
▲A Reading Corner is set up in the Company’s internal website, providing       reaction time and high NTSC), quality, technology and total solutions. We expect that CPT’s full-scale upgrade
CPT employees articles on the six core values with guiding notes on a regular  in product values will meet customers’ demands in light-weight, high-resolution, energy efficiency and produc
basis.                                                                         differentiation. We strive to win substantial growth in customer orders and continue to expand our market share in
                                                                               small to medium size display panels, minimize the risks brought about by a sharp price drop and upgraded product
                                                                               values and profitability.

                                                                               In response to the issues of global climate change, energy depletion, government policies and changes
                                                                               in the product market, CPT continues to push forward the Green Optimization Plan, ISO 50001 energy
                                                                               management system and BCMS Business Continuity Management System. These programs hav
                                                                               been implemented to assess the risks in the Company’s operations, intended to contain the risks
                                                                               and minimize the impacts from CPT’s operations on the society and the environment. Throug
                                                                               a subject-oriented knowledge base and innovative proposals, we encourage our employees to
                                                                               develop collaboration models and the ability to innovate through creation, transformation,
                                                                               preservation, sharing and use of knowledge. We aim to develop an organizational
                                                                               culture of experience sharing and innovation by passing down knowledge through
                                                                               document archiving and active proposal of innovative ideas for optimization in all
                                                                               aspects, including customer service, product quality, supply chain safety, workplac
                                                                               safety, employee care, energy/resource saving, green product design and community
                                                                               care. CPT expects to effectively and speedily respond to the internal and external
                                                                               demand for the fulfillment of corporate social responsibility and achieve the goals of
                                                                                                General Manager


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