Page 9 - 2014 CPT Corporate Social Responsibility Report
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Chunghwa Picture Tubes Corporate Social Responsibility Report

                        Company Profile                        1. CPT published the Corporate Ethics                                                          1. Donation of toner cartriage to The Potential Development Center for

1. Organization of the 2014 CPT Optonics Month                 Statement, Principles for Accepting                                                            Spinal Cord Sufferers
                                                               Gifts and Invitation for Banquets and                                                          2. 2014 Exhibition for the Plant Improvement Competition Series
2. Organization of the 2014 CPT Green Expo
3. Organization of the 2014 Fun Summer and                     Events and Principles for Managing                                                             Activities

   Exploration Camp for Children                               Anti-Trust Documents                                                                           3. Presentation of Subject-based Knowledge Document in The First
4. Organization of the Love Together activities
5. Affiliated company, KMTC successfully launched              2. Assisted Qingpu Elementary School to                                                        Knowledge Iron-Man Group Competition

   production of aluminosilicate protective glass              participate in The Second Campus                                                               4. 2014 Employee Family Day “Green Consumption” activities

                                  1. 2014 International Touch  Green Idea Activities                                                                          5. Chairman of Straits Exchange Foundation, Mr. Lin Join-Sane visited
                                     Panel and Optical Film
                                     Exhibition                                              1. Organization of the Industrial-Academic Cooperation           CPT

                       August                                                                Achievement Exhibition

             July                                                                            2. Participated in the 2014 Love Power Run

                                                                                             3. CPT announced band on all products of Tinghsin Group

                                                                                             (including products of Weichuan and Cheng-I)

                                                                                             4. Six Core Values Seminar

                                                                                             5. Sponsored the Beautiful Taiwan Foundation for the             1. Launch of the Online Special
                                                                                                Flags and Banners Recycle                                        Customer Requirements
                                                                                                and Reuse Exhibition                                             System

                                                                                             6. Chinese Communist Party                                       2. Participation in the 2014 Taipei
                                                                                                Central Taiwan Affairs Office,                                   Fubon Marathon
                                                                                                Central Affairs Office of the

                                                                                             State Council, Minister, Mr.                                                     December
                                                                                             Zhang Zhi-jun visited CPT

                                                               September                     October                                            November                             1. Bureau of Foreign Trade, MOEA,
                                                                                                                                                                                        presented the the 23rd Taiwan Excellence
                                                                                              1. Honored with The 12th                   1. Occupational Safety and Health              Award - color for the 15” full-color
                                                                                                 Golden Panel Award,                        Administration presented                    transparent LCD and 42”OLED
                                                                                                 Flat-screen Display                        Certificate of Appreciation for
                                                                                                 Component Product                          CPT’s participation in the               2. Recognized as an outstanding
                                                                                                 Technology Category                        TOSHMS system                               organization for the Replacement Military
                                                                                                 for the color transparent                                                              Service R&D Talent Incubation Program
                                                                                                 LCD technology by                       2. Honored with the “silver medal
                                                                                                 Industrial Development                     for large enterprises in the
                                                                                                 Bureau, MOEA.                              electronics industry in the 2014
                                                                                                                                            Taiwan Corporate Sustainability
                                                                                                                                            Awards” by the Taiwan Institute
                                                                                                                                            for Sustainable Energy


     Chunghwa Picture Tubes (Wujiang) Ltd. (CPTW)                                                 CPT Technology (Group) Co., Ltd.                                         CPT Display Technology (Fujian) Ltd.

• Recognized by the People’s Government of Jiangsu Province as a Class 2 Demonstrative       • Recognized as a Class A Tax Credibility Enterprise for Fiscal  • Recognized by the Mawei District Office as a Pioneer of Safe Production
   Enterprise for Safe Production Standardization                                               Year 2012-2013                                                   in 2013

• Recognized by the Wujiang Trade Unions as the Workers’ Pioneer                             • CPT Party Committee won the honor of Pioneer Party                                                                                      TOP│P08│
• Recognized by the Wujiang District Office as a Safe Production Pioneer Enterprise in 2014     Organization recognized by the Fujian Province Communist
• Recognized by the Wujiang District Office, Suzhou City, for the Workers’ Top Ten Golden       Party Committee

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