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Company Profile


    2015 Milestones and awards                                             ● CPT becomes the first company in Taiwan to
                                                                              acquire the ISO22301 Business Continuity
                                                                           Management System certification
                                                                           ● Description of working time adjustments starting
                                                                           on July 1
                                                                           ● Organization of the “large stride”hiking activity
    ● CPT sponsors the NCTU Startup Lab to
    encourage innovative and successful
    entrepreneurship                                                       ● CPT participates in the 2015 Touch Panel and Optical
                                                                           Film Process, Equipment, and Materials Exhibition
    ● Opening of the exclusive parking lot for                             titled “Superior Skills-Demonstration of Smart
    electric scooters and promotion of the
    purchase of e-scooters                                                 Lifestyles of the Future”
                                                                           ● CPT creates new business opportunities for flexible
                                                                              displays in Taiwan in cooperation with the Industrial
    February                                                                  Technology Research Institute
                                                                           ● Organization of the CPT Photoelectric Month Lecture
                                                                           ● Organization of the “Out of the Doldrums” Activity for
    ● Organization and promotion of                                        all CPT staff members
    environmental education and training
    courses                                                                ● Organization of a contest related to ESH improvements

    ● Course on digitization of ESH risk
    assessments goes live
                                                                           ● CPT sells facilities of the 4th generation TFT-LCD plant in
    ● Highlights of achievements and monitoring of the latest              Bade, Taoyuan in the context of efforts to enhance overall
    trends in the field of vehicle-mounted products
                                                                           competitiveness through lean management
    ● Participation in the creative Lantern Festival Parade                ● The three plant areas in Taiwan acquire the ISO50001 Janua
    ● Description of the results of inspections of tainted kelp,
    food items from the nuclear disaster area, and three                   certification
                                                                           ● Spontaneous education efforts in the field of gender and
    contractor plants                                                      employment related discrimination

                                                                           ● Organization of a contest and presentation of results
                                                                           regarding cross-plant improvements

      ● Assistance in the organization of the 2015 Tung                            November
         Blossom Event by the Sanhe Community Development
         Association                                                       ● CPT implements unpaid leaves to improve business
                                                                              performance in the face of the economic recession
      ● Amendment of the implementation guidelines for the
         employee grievance system                                         ● G4 plant sold to Giantplus Technology Co., Ltd. and
                                                                              reporting of large-scale layoffs
      ● Renewal of the ISO14001/OHSAS18001/CNS15506
         certification                                                     ● Sponsorship of the Taiwan flag of the Beautiful Taiwan
                                                                              Association -Recycling and reuse creativity exhibition
                                                                           ● CPT is honored with the Taiwan Top 50 Corporate
     ● Propagation of the principles governing the handling of valuable      Sustainability Report Award and the Information
        gifts and business banquets and antitrust documents stipulated in    Technology Industry Silver Award in the context of the
        the CPT Corporate Ethics Statement                                   2015 Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards presented
                                                                             by the Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy
     ● Participation in the anti-smoking hiking event in the Yangmei
        area                                                               ● CPT is recognized for private green procurement in
                                                                             excess of NT$ 5 million in Taoyuan City
     ● Organization of an event titled “Paint my Mom to show love and


● Alliance of CPT and FlexEnable to achieve a new                           December
   milestone in the field of fexible AMOLED displays
                                                                           ● The Longtan Plant achieves the goal of full
● Establishment of a panel plant by CPT Technology                           recycling of waste water and zero discharge
   Mainland China Investment Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of
   CPT                                                                     ● Patented EPS management system goes online
                                                                           ● CPT is honored with Taiwan Excellence
● Organization of the 2015 CPT Green Expo Event
● Industry-Academia and R&D Collaboration Program                            Awards for its TLAT070W111 7”Embedded
                                                                             Touch Flat Panel and CLAA061LA In-Vehicle
   Platform goes live                                                        Transparent Navigation Display presented by
● Education on MERS infections for foreign employees                         the Bureau of Foreign Trade of the Ministry of
● Propagation of Ethical Corporate Management Best                           Economic Affairs for the 24th time

   Practice Principles
● A 7-member delegation led by the Minister of Foreign

   Affairs and International Cooperation of the Republic of
   Botswana visits CPTF
● Won the Northern area “Chairman Award” in the
  supreme goods section of the 28th National Unity Circle

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