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Company Profile

    Product overview

          CPT is a professional display component manufacturer with extensive experience in R&D and mass
    production of video products. CPT continues to develop and deploy high-growth products in response to market
    trends. With its advantages and experiences in small and medium size applications, CPT launched a project to
    upgrade its production lines to achieve the goals of technology upgrade, product differentiation, flexible production
    and diversified product portfolio. CPT puts in full force to develop small- and medium-sized and touch panel
    products, focusing on areas of applications: smartphone, tablet PC, automotive display and Industrial display, as
    well as integration of embedded touch-control (On-Cell/In-Cell) functions, aiming to create higher product values.

    Current state                                                                                     established for the wholly owned subsidiary Vibrant Display
                                                                                                      Technology Co., Ltd. subordinate to CPT Technology (another
          From 2010 to 2011, CPT underwent a series of product                                        CPT subsidiary) in June 2015 to strengthen the competitiveness
    line upgrade and replacement of non-profit making machines.                                       of smartphone products and spur the development of new
    Along with the increases in production volume of small- and                                       technologies. This plant is expected to initiate mass production
    medium-sized products and optimization of product portfolio,                                      in 2017. This plant gives the brand greater proximity to Chinese
    CPT is now focusing on the development of small- and                                              customers and provides all customers with highly sophisticated,
    medium-sized products using its advantages in the fully laid-                                     power-efficient, and cost-competitive products based on
    out production lines. Due to the acquisition of the FFS patent                                    IGZO technologies. Mass production in Q2 of 2016 in the 4.5
    license in late 2012, the company has been able to satisfy                                        generation Longtan plant will be utilized to provide IGZO cell
    the demands of mobile device customers in the field of wide                                       phone panels and give customers preferential access to this new
    viewing angles, power conservation, and high resolution. CPT                                      technology for development purposes
    will also continue to integrate wide viewing angle products into
    the main product lines in line with trends of raised specifications                                     As for medium-sized panels, the tablet panel market shows
    based on dedicated promotion efforts. In addition, embedded                                       negative growth due to sluggish demand for end products.
    touch technologies are incorporated to optimize competitiveness                                   However, the shipping volume in 2015 only slightly decreased
    and added value. In 2014, the shipping volume of small- and                                       by 6% compared to 2014 and reached a total of 45 million
    medium-sized panels reached 455 million. Due to the trend of                                      panels due to raised technical specifications in the field of tablet
    rising panel size and despite the decreased volume compared to                                    and CE products, stable demand in emerging markets, and the
    the previous year, CPT was still able to maintain its leadership                                  securing of large orders from new customers. It is expected
    position with the highest global market share of 11.4% in the                                     that CPT’s share of the global tablet market will reach 18%,
    small- and medium-sized panel market according to shipping                                        consolidating the company’s position as the 2nd largest supplier
    volume statistics for all technology types released by IHS                                        of tablet panels in the world.
    Markit. Despite the sluggish growth of CPT’s end products in
    2015, the growth rates for smartphones and automotive display                                       Shipping volumes and market shares of tablet panel
    panels still reached 22.1% and 19%, respectively. Under the                                         manufacturers all over the world
    impact of a continued enlargement of the dimensions of all
    applications and a continued optimization of product and                                                                              LGD BOE
    customer mixes, the overall shipping volume of small- and
    medium-sized panels still reached 395 million in 2015. It is                                                                          BOE CPT NO
    expected that the company will be able to maintain its leadership                                                                                                                 18% 2
    position in the domestic and international market for small- and
    medium-sized panels.                                                                                                                  CPT
                                                                                                                                          17% LGD
      Global market share of small- and medium-sized display
      panel manufacturers

    Others                      CPT                                     CPT                           Others  Others
    25.7%                      12.5%                                   11.4%                           47%     45%

                                      Innolux         Others                        BOE
                                      10.0%           28.6%                        10.2%

    Sharp                2013              Hann Star                     2014              Hann Star  Y2014   Y2015(E)
                                              9.7%                                            8.8%
    4.4%                                              Sharp             JDI LGD
    JDI                                Tianma         4.8%             5.2% 6.0%          Innolux
    4.7%                                 7.8%                                              7.7%       (Data source: I HS / Witsview 2015 &CPT MKT)
           LGD                 Samsung                    5.0% Truly              Tianma                    Automotive display products: Diverse display panels
           5.3% Truly            7.5%                                              7.0%               including special Instrument Clusters, Center Informative
                   5.3%  BOE                                     5.2%                                 Display, and HUDs are developed in response to the latest
                         7.1%                                                                         trends in the field of smart cars and IoV. The ratio of the before
                                                                                                      market has been gradually increased and the company has
    (Data source: IHS/DS QSMS Q1 2015)                                                                successfully expanded its market to Japanese, North American,
                                                                                                      and Chinese car makers. Following a shipping volume of over
          In the field of small-sized panels, technical specifications                                10 million panels in 2014, a total of 12 million panels were
    (including resolution and narrow border frames) are raised for                                    shipped in 2015. Excellent results were achieved in 2015 in
    all models and the ratio of FFS products is increased. In the                                     the field of automotive display panels compared to the mere
    field of cell phone panels, the shipping volume amounted to 160                                   2.2 million panels that were shipped in 2011. The compound
    million panels in 2014 against the backdrop of the conversion                                     annual growth rate amounted to 49.5% and it is expected that
    to smartphones from feature phones. Despite the cutthroat                                         the company will be ranked among the five largest suppliers of
    price competition and sluggish growth of the smartphone                                           automotive display panel manufacturers worldwide.
    market in 2015, the shipping volume still reached 140 million
    panels due to dedicated efforts in the field of brand customers
    and the Chinese market. A 6th generation panel plant was

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