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Company Profile

Shipping volume of CPT automotive display panels                 border frames of less than 0.1mm in the field of smartphone
                                                                 panels in line with the latest trends in slimness, HD, power
14                                                               conservation, and differentiation. Profits are maximized
          Unit:M pcs                                             through small-sized product mixes with a focus on demands in
                                                                 the fields of smartphones, touch sensors, stable CE products,
12 Compound Annual Growth Rate of 49.5%                          and functional cell phones to increase overall productivity.
                                                                 Following the mass production of IGZO smartphone panels
10                                                               on 4.5 generation production lines planned for 2016, this new
                                                                 technology will also be gradually adopted for 6th generation
8                                                                production lines in Taiwan and Fujian, China with the goal of
6                                                                providing customers with highly competitive products

4                                                                      In the field of medium-sized panels, the company
                                                                 focuses on models with high gross profits to reduce the
2                    4.1   7.5  10.7      12                     impact of price competition. Despite the negative growth
           2.2      2011  2013  2014     2015                    of tablet computers in 2016, the gradual move to larger
                                                                 dimension tablet panels (from 7” to 10.1”) facilitates the full
0                                                                utilization of production capacities of panel manufacturers.
          2011                                                   Moving along the market trend, CPT takes a further step to
                                                                 upgrade product resolution and develop larger-size products,
(Data source: CPT)                                               in response to the rising demands from the emerging markets
                                                                 and markets of education and business (2-in-1 tablet PCs)
      The quality of niche products including industrial panels  applications. Through ODM and solution providers, we seek
and other applications has been widely acclaimed by our          to expand the market and create higher demand. As for on-cell
customers and demand for these products is steadily growing.     flat touch panels, 7”, 8”, and 10” on-cell panels entered mass
Due to new business opportunities generated by industrial        production in 2015. In response to the rising demand for 2-in-
automation, smart devices, and the Internet, an Industrial       1 large-sized panels, the company will develop 12.9” models
Service Department was added in August 2015 in addition          that will enter mass production in Q2 2016.
to relevant product development departments. The company
will continue to develop new customer bases and provide                Despite the fact that the growth momentum of emerging
customized high-quality products. In the future, the ratio of    car markets including China is gradually weakening, growth
industrial niche products will be gradually increased with the   trends are still expected for the global car market due to new
goal of enhancing product value and generating profits.          car purchases as a result of service life limitations and policy
                                                                 incentives in the European and American market. Market
Direction of future efforts                                      research institutes therefore forecast an aggregate demand of
                                                                 104 million automotive display panels in 2016 as TFT LCD
      In the face of the fierce price competition in the         panels gradually turn into the mainstream. Specifications
smartphone and tablet computer market, CPT continues to          of CPT automotive display panels are constantly optimized
invest considerable resources in the removal of bottlenecks,     (e.g., resolutions, contrast, reduced low-temperature reaction
the improvement of overall production capacities and             times, and high NTSC), quality and technological capabilities
efficiency, and the enhancement of product quality and           are enhanced, and total solutions are adopted.8” On-Cell
specifications to reduce the impact on profitability and adjust  FFS products were already manufactured in 2015 and
the allocation of production lines in line with demand trends    the development and promotion of other dimensions will
in the field of enlargement of dimensions, high definition,      continue in 2016 to meet potential customer demands. The
and embedded touch panels. The main focus of the company         development of contour cutting, 2.5D/3D TTS technologies,
does not lie in the maximization of resources, but an active     and transparent displays in response to future development
increase of the shipping ratio of niche products and overall     trends in the field of automotive display panels is currently in
profits. Product development processes have been shortened       the planning stage.
to consolidate the company’s leadership position in the small-
and medium sized panel market. CPT product development                 In the field of industrial panels, CPT continues to focus
now lasts 4 months on average. Dedicated efforts in the field    on the development of customized services and the building
of development of customized products serve the purpose of       of long-term cooperative relationships with its customers.
increasing added value and generating higher profits. Both       In addition to existing customers in the Japanese market,
automotive and industrial products are customized products.      the company continues to build new customer bases. The
By taking advantage of the competitive edge generated by         company already has complete product lines for dimensions
fully planned production lines for small- and medium-sized       below 11 inches and continues to develop and expand sales of
applications, the company will continue its focus on a strategy  products with dimensions greater than 12 inches to increase
layout characterized by high gross profit, high technology       output values and profits. CPT also aggressively seizes
content, development of niche products, optimization of          business opportunities in the field of niche products such
product mixes, upgrade of technological capabilities, and        as navigation and medical care applications and transparent
increase of the added value of touch products.                   displays. The company also enhances technologies, quality,
                                                                 reliability, and production capacity deployment with regard to
      As for small-sized panels, the sluggish demand situation   product specifications for special demands to generate added
of the main application and smartphone market in 2016 and        value and differentiation of product mixes.
the influx of low-priced high-end smartphones cause cost and
profit pressures for manufacturers. CPT will therefore shift
its focus to the development of In-cell products with narrow

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