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Company Profile

      CPT operations are managed and controlled by Tatung         Shareholder Structure
Co. (shareholding ratio of 8.46%). In 2015, the CPT plants
in Taiwan were exempt from taxes due to their losses and did     (shareholding ratio)
not receive any financial assistance from the government.
CPT Display Technology (Fujian) Ltd. and CPTF Visual             Shareholder                   Financial    Others       Individual    Foreign    Treasury    Total
Display (Fuzhou) Ltd. received real estate tax exemptions           Structure Government       Institution  Juristic                 Institution   Stock
from local governments amounting to RMB 576,000. CPT                              Institution               Person                   and Foreign            100.00
Photoelectric Co., Ltd. and Fujian CPT Display Technology                                                                             Nationals   0.00      100.00
Co., Ltd. has been awarded tax credits amounting to a total of   Year                                                                              0.00
RMB$ 31.53 million by local governments.
                                                                 2011  0.00 0.02                            37.10 52.93 9.95
      The consolidated net revenue of the whole group
amounted to NT$ 47.32 billion in 2015, while consolidated        2012  0.00 0.00 36.95 53.14 9.91
after-tax net losses equaled NT$ 8.44 billion. A total of 395
million TFT small- and medium-sized panels and 12.28             2013  0.00 0.00 36.96 53.77 9.27 0.00 100.00
billion large-sized panels were shipped.
                                                                 2014  0.00 0.00 37.00 54.28 8.72                                                 0.00 100.00
      In 2015, CPT continued to make adjustments to the          2015  0.00 0.00 37.00 54.61 8.39                                                 0.00 100.00
product mix of the four major categories (smartphones,
tablets, automotive displays, and touch panels) in response to    Consolidated financial status
changes of the demand structure of the small- and medium-
sized panel market in an attempt to lower operational            Unit: 1000 NTD
risks. It is expected that the TFT small-and medium-sized
panel market 2016 will still be characterized by an adverse      Net operating      2011                       2012        2013         2014                  2015
environment of excess supply due to the unclear growth           revenue          61,471,398                48,265,353   58,660,484   56,391,377            47,319,711
momentum of market demand and the increased competition                           -67,103,520               -52,054,493  -51,492,609  -50,013,775           -47,609,448
caused by new production capacities and technologies. In         Operating costs  -5,632,122                 -3,789,540  7,167,875    6,377,602              -289,737
addition to rigorous controls of expenditures and inventories,
optimization of processes to reduce costs, and dedicated         Gross profit     -14,140,889               -11,544,614  -1,045,105   -2,109,671            -7,876,775
efforts to improve yield rates and the financial structure, CPT  (gross loss)     -11,483,636               -11,075,614  -3,953,307   -3,317,826            -7,446,671
is also firmly committed to continued optimization of the
product sales mix and acceleration of technology upgrades        Operating
with a focus on increased ratios of high added value and niche   Losses
products to enhance overall productivity. CPT aims to achieve
the shipment goal of 273 million small- and medium-sized         Loss before
panels in 2016. Business strategies for individual product       income tax
applications are characterized by a firm commitment to
enhancing the cost competitiveness of mainstream a-Si high-      Net gain (loss)  -12,479,920               -11,302,162  -4,852,882   -3,981,524            -8,761,984
resolution (FHD) products and continued development of in-       attribute to:
cell touch products in the smartphone category. In the field of  Shareholders of
tablet computers, the company focuses on the maintenance         the parent
of its market share and an active pursuit of differentiation
and expansion of the application market for 2-in-1 large-         Manpower costs 8,016,693 7,198,639 8,397,945 9,151,875 9,396,346
sized and educational panels. As for business strategies for
the automotive display panel market, the company aims to         Note: Manpower costs include salaries, labor and health insurance fees, pension
increase shipping ratios in the before market and actively       fund contributions, and other manpower expensesEarnings distribution includes
pursues business opportunities in IoV (Internet of vehicles),    legal reserves, cash dividends, and employee bonuses. No earnings and employee
NEV (new energy vehicle), and emerging markets. CPT              stock option certificates were distributed between 2011 to 2015.
also continues to increase the ratio of shipped FFS wide
viewing angle products. In the field of industrial panels, the
company focuses on the consolidation of mainstream model
(such as 12, 15, and 17 inch) customer relations mainstream
model (such as 12, 15, and 17 inch) and actively seeks new
business opportunities in the market for displays for medical
care, aviation, and public areas (e.g., high-definition (4K2K)

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