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Company Profile

    Foreword by the Chairman

          In recent years, environmental conservation          corporate image of the company and earning the
    concepts and newly emerging issues such as energy          support of stakeholders for the company’s efforts in
    conservation management have received growing              the field of sustainable management.
    attention and support in many countries. In response
    to these trends, CPT has incorporated green concepts              Environmental protection has always been a
    into the product design and manufacturing process to       main focus of the company’s corporate management.
    fulfill its green responsibility as a global citizen. The  Over many years, the general public has shown
    Green Management Committee, which was formed in            great concern for environmental issues related to the
    April 2010 and renamed to Sustainability Committee         discharge of effluents into Xiaoli River by CPT. Despite
    in 2015, calls upon all CPT employees to jointly           the fact that CPT passed relevant environmental
    promote corporate social responsibility and green          impact assessments when the Longtan plant was
    management. CSR and green management represent             constructed, the company continues to monitor the
    the strategic approaches of the company in the field of    impact of discharged effluents on the water quality
    sustainable management and development. The range          of the river and actively searches for appropriate
    of functions of the committee was completed through        environmental solutions to fulfill its responsibility for
    the incorporation of the six core values of Agility,       protection of the local environment. The company
    Accountability, Innovation, Passion, Cooperation,          has therefore invested a total of NT$ 1.2 billion in
    and Integrity. This ensures a simultaneous focus on        the adoption of the most advanced full wastewater
    business development on the one hand and social and        recycling and zero discharge technologies. This
    ecological balance and sustainable development on          process lasted 22 months and involved the resolution
    the other. An effective implementation of CSR is also      of difficulties in the fields of site characteristics,
    expected to increase the identification of employees       technology, and project progress. The Longtan waste
    with the company as well as their sense of honor.          water recycling and zero discharge project was finally
    Externally, the company makes all efforts to give back     completed in December 30, 2015 and the effluent pipe
    to society and meet the expectations of the government     sealing ceremony was witnessed by senior officials of
    and communities with the goal of enhancing the             the Environmental Protection Administration and
                                                               Taoyuan City and Hsinchu County governments,

    2015                                          CONTENTS
         Editorial principles	                                        Internal management transparency
         Foreword by the Chairman	                P1 The process of earning profits is
                                                  P2 beneficial for society

    Company Profile                                            Corporate Governance	                      P28
                                                               Compensation policy	                       P29
    Foundation and Growth	P6                                   CPT Organizational Structure chart	        P30
                                                               Employee Code of Conduct	                  P30
    Business philosophy	P6                                     Disclosure of financial information and
                                                               communication with investors	              P31
    Corporate sustainability policies	            P6

    Product overview	                             P10          Reduction of energy consumption
                                                               Development of Eco-Friendly Prod
    Financial performance	                        P12

    Global Deployment	P14

    Sustainable Development                                    2013-2015 CPT Green Optimization Plan 	    P34

    Stakeholder Engagement	                       P19          Climate Change Management

    Risk Management 	                             P23          (Carbon management)	                       P35

    Personal Information Protection                            Water Resource Management	                 P41

    management	P24                                             Environmental Risk Assessment and

    Acquisition of the ISO 22301 Business                      Communication	P44

    Continuity Management System (BCMS)                        2015 Environmental Protection Expenditure

    certification	                                P24          Statistics	P45

    Respect for Intellectual Property Rights and               Material and Energy Flow Chart	            P46

    Fair Trade	                                   P25          Resource Reduction and Reuse	              P46

                                                               Air Pollution Control	P47

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