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Company Profile

Integrity, honesty, diligence, and frugality

ushering in a new era of full waste water recycling and
zero discharges at CPT.

      This recycling system enables CPT to reuse
treated process wastewater and raises the recycling
rate for all plant processes from 85.2% to 100%,
generating annual water savings of 5.5 million
tons. The system represents a full implementation
of recycling and reuse of water resources. An
annual budget of NT$ 100 million is earmarked as
environmental processing expenditures in the context
of this project. CPT is the first company in Taiwan
to adopt a full process wastewater recycling and zero
discharge system that indicates that the company
is capable of balancing economic development and
environmental protection.

      CPT has made an unwavering commitment to
the implementation of environmental protection in
its corporate management. Active operations of the
Sustainability Committee ensure a continued focus
on the responsibilities of the company with regard
to residents of local communities, shareholders, and
society as well as a constant commitment to achieving
the goal of sustainable operations.


  Mr. Wei-Shan Lin

Provision of high-quality, innovative products           Creation of a healthy “LOHAS” work
Joint promotion of corporate social responsibility       environment
together with suppliers and customers                    Greater happiness for employees and society

Customer Relationship Management	               P50      Safeguarding of Human Rights	          P72

Customer complaint services	                    P50      Employee Health Management	            P75

Innovative Materials and Technology R&D	        P53      Voice of the Stakeholders	             P78

Voice of the Stakeholders	                      P55      Prevention of Occupational Accidents	  P79

Reduced resource use and recycling-friendly design	 P56  Educational Training and Attraction of Talent	 P82

Resource Recycling and Reuse	                   P57      Employee Care	                         P84

Forward-looking Innovative Actions	             P58      Community care and greater social welfare in
                                                         cooperation with employees
Green Companies and provide green services	     P60      Building of a positive corporate image and
                                                         sustainable operations
Product green requirements scoring, audit, and  P62

Promotion of CSR among suppliers	               P64

Voice of the Stakeholders	                      P64      Management of Public Welfare Activities	 P88

Implementation of EICC	                         P65      Voice of the Stakeholders	             P89

Green Procurement and Localization	             P67      Important CSR Activities	              P90

                                                         Immersion into Local Communities	      P91

                                                         GRI G4 Index	                          P93

                                                         External Assurance Statement	          P96

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