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In the field of medium-sized panels, the tablet panel      CPT Car display                                                  of development of customized products serve the purpose of
market shows negative growth due to a sluggish demand for                                                                         increasing added value and generating higher profits. Both
end products. However, the shipping volume in 2016 only          Unit:M pcs                             13.4                      automotive and industrial products are customized products.
slightly decreased by 3% compared to 2015, and reached                                                                            By taking advantage of the competitive edge generated by
a total of 44.71 million panels due to model convergence         Compound Annual                    12                            fully planned production lines for small- and medium-sized
strategies, raised technical specifications in the field of                            10.7                                       applications, the company will continue its focus on a strategy
tablets and CE products, stable demand in Greater China          Growth Rate of 49.5%                                             layout characterized by high gross profit, high technology
and emerging markets, and the securing of large orders and                                                                        content, development of niche products, optimization of
continued cooperation with brand customers. It is expected                                   7.5                                  product mixes, upgrade of technological capabilities, and
that CPT’s share of the global tablet market will reach            2.2 4.1                                                        increase of the added value of touch products.
21.3%, which represents an increase of 3.2% compared to the
previous year, consolidating the company’s position as the       2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016                                          In the field of small-sized panels, the smartphone
2nd largest supplier of tablet panels in the world.                                                                               market, which represents the main application area, exhibits
                                                                                                                                  sluggish growth in 2017. The demand for panels for mid and
YoYBOE   BOE                                                        ▲ Shipping volume of CPT automotive display panels (source)   low-end smartphones is the main growth momentum and low-          09
        24.6%                                                                                                                     priced high-end smartphones still represent the mainstream.
24.5%    CPT                                                            CPT)                                                      CPT will therefore shift its focus to the development of In-      Company profile
 CPT    21.3%                                                                                                                     cell products with narrow border frames of less than 0.1mm
18.1%   LGD                                                            In response to new business opportunities generated        in the field of smartphone panels in line with the latest trends
LGD     12.6%                                                    by industrial automation, smart devices, and the Internet,       in slimness, HD, power conservation, and differentiation.
12.7%                                                            the Industrial Service Department cooperates with relevant       Profits are maximized through small-sized product mixes
                                                                 product development departments in the continued                 with a focus on demands in the fields of smartphones, touch
Others  Others                                                   development of new customer bases and the provision of           sensors, stable CE products, and functional cell phones to
44.7%   41.5%                                                    customized high-quality products. In addition to the stable      increase overall productivity. In the wake of trial operations
                                                                 growth of demand for industrial panels for POS devices and       of the Metal Oxide technology in the Longtan Plant in 2016,
               2015 2016                                         industrial computers, the company successfully penetrated        it is expected that mass production of the 6th generation            Chunghwa Picture Tubes Corporate
                                                                 the supply chain for navigation, household appliance, and        production line of Mantix Display Technology will be              Social Responsibility Report
      ▲ Shipping volumes and market shares of tablet panel       commercial advertising applications in 2016. In the future,      officially initiated in the third quarter of 2017. In the first
          manufacturers all over the world (IHS/Witsview 2017 &  the company will gradually increase the ratio of industrial      stage, Mantix Display Technology will adopt a-Si and Metal
          CPT MKT)                                               products to enhance product value and generate profits. Other    Oxide technologies. The a-Si production capacities will be
                                                                 niche products developed by the company are highly regarded      utilized to manufacture HD smartphone panels, while the
      Automotive display products: Diverse display panels,       by customers. CPT strives to get closer to customer needs in     higher-end Metal Oxide technologies will be employed for
including special instrument clusters, center informative        an effort to create joint market opportunities.                  the production of HD and FHD panels to gain the ability to
display, and HUDs, are developed in response to the latest                                                                        respond to customer demands in a timely manner. Production
trends in the field of smart cars and IoV. The ratio of the        Direction of future efforts                                    capacities are allocated based on the customer order volume.
before market has been gradually increased and the company                                                                        The company will also continue to develop new AMOLED
has successfully expanded its market to Japanese, North                In the face of the fierce price competition in the         technologies to gain the ability to provide customers with
American, and Chinese car makers. CPT has also gained            smartphone and tablet computer market, CPT continues to          more competitive products.
a foothold in the European market. Following a shipping          invest considerable resources in the removal of bottlenecks,
volume of 12 million panels in 2015, a total of 13.4 million     the improvement of overall production capacities and                   As for medium-sized panels, tablets exhibited negative
panels were shipped in 2016. This marks a 11.7% increase         efficiency, and the enhancement of product quality and           growth in 2017. The gradual move to larger dimension tablet
compared to the previous year. Excellent results were achieved   specifications to reduce the impact on profitability and adjust  panels facilitates the full utilization of production capacities
in 2016 in the field of automotive display panels compared       the allocation of production lines in line with demand trends    of panel manufacturers. In response to the latest market
to the mere 2.2 million panels which were shipped in 2011.       in the field of enlargement of dimensions, high definition,      trends, CPT further enhances the resolutions of its panel
The compound annual growth rate amounted to 43.5% and            and embedded touch panels. The main focus of the company         products and moves toward larger dimension panels. The
it is expected that the company will be ranked among the six     does not lie in the maximization of resources, but an active     company is deeply engaged in the Greater China area and
largest suppliers of automotive display panel manufacturers      increase of the shipping ratio of niche products and overall     emerging markets, and focuses on the demand for educational
worldwide.                                                       profits. Product development processes have been shortened       and commercial applications (e.g. two-in-one tablets). In
                                                                 to consolidate the company’s leadership position in the small-   addition, overall market demand is expanded through ODM
                                                                 and medium sized panel market. CPT product development
                                                                 now lasts 4 months on average. Dedicated efforts in the field
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