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Sustainable Development

                                     In April 2010, CPT established a Green Management Committee to

                                     embrace sustainability concepts and promote CSR and green operations. The

                                     goal is to enlist all staff members in the joint promotion of green operations

                                     and the realization of the company's green vision. This committee was

                                     renamed to “Sustainability Committee” in March 2015 in conformity to the

                                     promotion of the realization of CSR by TWSE and TPEx Listed Companies

                                     in order to spur a balanced and sustainable development of the economy,

                                     society, and the environment. An internal control task force and Supply Chain

                                     Management Committee have also been added to ensure more comprehensive

                                     functions of the committee. The president serves as committee chairman. The

                                     directors-general and the following seven sub-committees are subordinate to

                                     the committee: Green Process Committee, Human Right and Social Justice

14                                   Promotion Committee, Product Liability Committee, Visionary Innovation
                                     Committee, ESH Committee, Internal Control Task Force, and Supply Chain

                                     Management Committee. These committees formulate green goals and projects

                                     and determine relevant items in the fields of energy resource reduction, energy

   Sustainable                       conservation and carbon reduction, and CSR. They also respond to customer
                                     demands related to green issues. Sustainability Committee shall be convened

                                     on a quarterly basis. CPT expects to integrate the practice of corporate social

                                     responsibility into its operating strategies through a continuous up-down and

                                     down-up cycle.

                                     The sub-committees of the Sustainability Committee have formulated

                                     2017-2020 management policies and sustainability plans for all material GRI

                                     G4 indicators of concern to stakeholders in accordance with their duties and

                                     responsibilities. Joint efforts are made to establish green concepts and extend

                                     these concepts to external eco-friendly activities to give stakeholders a clear

   Chunghwa Picture Tubes Corporate  understanding of the efforts and actions of CPT in the field of CSR.
Social Responsibility Report
                                     Organizational chart of the Sustainability Management

                                                     Chairman of the Sustainability Committee President


                                                                                                            Supply Chain Management

                                                                                               Internal Control Team

                                                                                   EHS Committee

                                                                        Visionary Innovation

                                                            Product Liability Committee

                                                  Human Right and Social
                                              Justice Promotion Committee

                                     Green Process Committee
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