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Contents                                  1    Decreased consumption of energy                     Creation of a LOHAS work
Editorial principles	
Foreword by the Chairman	

COMPANY PROFILE                                resources and development of eco-                   environment to increase the happiness

Foundation and Growth	6                        friendly products                                   of employees and society

Business philosophy	6                          Description of sustainable management programs      Safeguarding of Human Rights	             68

Product overview	                         8    and goals and achievement status	               33  Compliance with EICC	                     70

Financial performance	                    10   Climate Change Management                           Labor Union and Labor-Management                   03

Global Deployment	                        12   (Carbon management)	                            34  Agreements	72

                                               Promotion of energy management systems	         37  Prevention of Occupational Accidents	     76

                                               Water Resource Management	                      40  Educational Training and Attraction of Talent	 79

Sustainable Development                        Environmental Risk Assessment and                   Employee Care	                            80       Contents

Corporate sustainability policies	        16   Communication	42

Agenda 30 (sustainable development goals)	 16  Xiaoli River conservation measures	             43  Building of a positive corporate image

Stakeholder engagement	                   16   Environmental expenditures and investment           and sustainable operations through

Voice of the Stakeholders	                20   statistics	44

Risk Management 	                         21   Material and Energy Flow Chart	                 45  community care by employees and

Personal Information Protection                Resource Reduction and Reuse	                   46  increased social welfare                              Chunghwa Picture Tubes Corporate
                                                                                                                                                      Social Responsibility Report
management	22                                  Air Pollution Control	                          47  Management of Public Welfare Activities	  84

BCMS (Business Continuity Management           Provision of high-quality, innovative               Important CSR Activities	                 86

System) (ISO 22301)	                      22                                                       Immersion into Local Communities	         87

Respect for Intellectual Property Rights       products and joint promotion of                     Table of corrections of the 2015 CSR Report	 89

and Fair Trade	                           23   corporate social responsibility with

Transparency of internal management,           cooperating businesses and customers                GRI G4 Index	                             90
                                                                                                   External Assurance Statement	             94
                                               Customer Relationship Management	               50

the process of earning profits is              Innovative Materials and Technology R&D	        53

beneficial for society                         Reduced resource use and recycling-friendly

Corporate Governance	                     26   design	55

Compensation policy	                      28   Resource Recycling and Reuse	                   55

CPT Organizational Structure chart	       28   Forward-looking Innovative Actions	             56

Employee Code of Conduct	                 29   Product green requirements scoring, audit, and

Disclosure of financial information and        guidance 	                                      58

communication with investors	             31   Promotion of CSR among suppliers	               60

                                               Green Procurement and Localization	             63
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