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Broadening of horizons through six                                         First quarterMajor Milestones in 2016                                              Longtan PlantESH Awards and Recognitions in 2016
core values combined with celebrity
lectures                                                                   Second quarter■	Official inauguration of the Longtan Plant Full Wastewater                    ■	Commemoration of the completion of zero wastewater              07
                                                                                       Recycling and Zero Discharge Facility                                               discharge by the Taoyuan Mayor.
      To promote the six core values of agility, accountability,           Third quarter                                                                                                                                                   Company profile
cooperation, integrity, passion, and innovation, workshops                          ■	Announce corporate sustainability policies                                         ■	Longtan Plant receives a Letter of Appreciation presented by
for newly inducted engineers incorporate these six values                           ■	Promotion of environmental education and training courses in                         the Taoyuan City Government for its active participation in
and daily work practices. These workshops employ group                                                                                                                     the river adoption program for corporate groups
discussions to provide guidance for trainees and enable                                2016
them to boost their team spirit and accomplish their tasks in                       ■	Completion of third-party verification of SO14064 GHG                              ■	Honored for outstanding achievements in blood donation
a timely manner through coordination and communication                                                                                                                     excellence award in 2015 by the Ministry of the Interior
under conditions of limited resources and time constraints.                            inventory
This gives newly hired engineers a better understanding of the                                                                                                           ■	Letter of Appreciation by the Hsinchu Blood Donation
company’s core values and corporate culture, and strengthens                         ■	Assistance in the organization of the Hakka Tong Blossom                            Center for the donation of 198 bags of blood to save patients’
their sense of identification with the organization. Hands-                            Festival by the Sanhe Community in Longtan District                                 lives
on activities allow them to internalize key aspects of team
communication and cooperation which boost work morale and                            ■	Completion of the third-party verification of the ISO14001/                       ■	Letter of Appreciation by the Hsinchu Blood Donation
is conducive to consensus building.                                                    OHSAS18001/CNS15506 management system                                               Center for the donation of 261 bags of blood to save patients’
                                                                                     ■	Completion of the third-party verification of ISO 22301                Yangmei Plant
                                                                                     ■	Convening of the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting in 2016                             ■	Accredited Healthy Workplace and Health Promotion
                                                                                                                                                                           Badge (2015-2017) awarded by the Health Promotion
                                                                                     ■	Organization of the 2016 CPT Green Expo Event                                       Administration of the Ministry of Health and Welfare
                                                                                     ■	Participation in the 2016 Smart Display and Touch Panel
                                                                                                                                                                         ■	Letter of Appreciation for the sponsorship of Hakka Artistic
                                                                                       Exhibition                                                                          and Cultural Competitions awarded by Sanhe Elementary
                                                                                     ■	CPT Technology (Group) Co., Ltd. establishes and Industrial                         School

                                                                                       Technology Innovation Research Center                                             ■	Honored with a letter of appreciation for the provision of
                                                                                     ■	The China Securities Regulatory Commission officially                               labor health service physician training in 2016 presented
                                                                                                                                                                           by the Taiwan Environmental and Occupational Medicine
                                                                                       approves the non-public offering of no more than 952,380,952                        Association
                                                                                       new shares by CPT Technology (Group)
                                                                                                                                                                         ■	Yangmei Plant is honored with a Letter of Appreciation
                                                                                           ■	Announcement of the AOE (Association for Enterprise                           presented by the Taoyuan City Government for its active            Chunghwa Picture Tubes Corporate
                                                                                             Opportunity) project policy                                                   participation in the river adoption program for corporate       Social Responsibility Report
                                                                                           ■	Completion of the ISO50001 third-party verification
                                                                                           ■	Completion of the IECQ QC080000 third-party verification                    ■	Third place in the 333 healthy and smoke-free weight loss
                                                                                           ■	Honored with the silver award at the 9th Taiwan Corporate                     competition organized by the Department of Public Health,
                                                                                                                                                                           Taoyuan City
                                                                                             Sustainability Awards
                                                                                           ■	Honored with an Excellence Award for green procurement in                   ■	Honored with a letter of appreciation for the charitable
                                                                                                                                                                           donation of recycled waste IT products to the Development
                                                                                             excess of NT$ 5 million presented by Taoyuan City                             Center for the Spinal Cord Injured
                                                                                           ■	Creation of a win-win-win situation through the sale of
▲	 Workshops for newly inducted engineers incorporate key elements of      Fourth quarter
    the company’s six core values and strengthen the sense of identifica-                    Giantplus Technology Co., Ltd. to the Japanese company
    tion with these values.                                                                  Ortus
                                                                                           ■	Sale of the land and buildings of the Bade Plant to support the
▲	 A Reading Corner is set up in the Company’s internal website, pro-                        long-term development of Giantplus Technology
    viding CPT employees articles on the six core values with guiding                      ■	Transfer of carbon rights to support carbon neutrality and an
    notes on a regular basis.                                                                exhibition with zero carbon emissions
                                                                                           ■	Mantix Display Technology Co., Ltd. in Fujian completed
                                                                                             the construction and electrical and mechanical engineering
                                                                                             operations for the clean room
                                                                                           ■	The Wujiang Plant was recognized as an advanced unit in the
                                                                                             field of safe production in the development zone
                                                                                           ■	The Wujiang Plant received the first special funds and
                                                                                             subsidies in the Wujiang District
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