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Corporate Vision
 To pursue the physical and mental happiness of employees, and to contribute to the progress of society.
Corporate Mission
 To seek stability and profitability, To sustain growth, To innovate relentlessly, and To fulfill corporate social responsibility.
 Honesty, Integrity, Diligence, Frugality
Core Value
Working with agile
CPT encourages employees to gain professional competences, leverage resources efficiently, and response rapidly to meet clients immediate needs in order to provide superior service and advanced technology.
Working with accountability
CPT encourages employees to actively solve problems. Also, meeting clients expectations as much as possible to create credibility and reputation is essential.
  Working with innovation
CPT encourages employees submit innovative ideas as well as creates added values. Also, CPT provides diversified training programs and development opportunities for employees to increase performance qualities.
   Working with passion
CPT encourages employees to be positive thinking as well as manage the work-life balance to create a great atmosphere at work.
   Working with cooperation
CPT encourages teamwork and information sharing in the workplace. Also, CPT aligns performance to organizational objectives to promote sustainable development.
   Working with integrity
CPT encourages employees honesty and boosts employees morale. In the Corporate governance principle, CPT complies with all regulations as well as creates maximum profits for employees, clients, partners, and shareholders.
Quality Policy
 Customer First
 Full Involvement
 Zero Defect
Environmental Safety and Health Policy
 CPT is devoted to establish comfortable and healthy working environment, ensure the employees safety, and reduce the risk of hazards. Constantly to have international trend in hand, to bring into with new technique of environment, health and safety(EHS), to promote the whole environment quality and company image. And to achieve the vision of sustainable development with the 4S goal of Customer's Satisfaction (CS), Employee's Satisfaction (ES), Social Satisfaction (SS) and Global Satisfaction (GS).

 The commitment of CPT chairman and all employees is to:
1. Legal Compliance: Comply with the local law and international regulations of environment, health and safety.
2. Staff Participation: By the popularize education and effective training of EHS, to make all employee to carry out the EHS management system.
3. Continuous Improvement: Through audit and management, to reduce the environmental impact and hazardous risk that resulted from products manufacturing and service processing.
4. Perfect Communication: We will strengthen the communication with employee, supplier and public, in order to present our determination of improvement on EHS issue.
5. Improve Performance: Towards cleaner production and applying pollution prevention and risk control technology to advance the

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