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Since the establishment of CPT in 1971, we have followed a corporate philosophy of Creation, Perfection, Teamwork. Building upon years of experience in the development and mass production of display products, we have continued to pursue breakthroughs in existing technologies, seek refinements to our core technologies and conduct innovative R&D. Through the presentation of our latest research efforts at large exhibitions every year, we have demonstrated the strength of CPTs R&D capability. At the same time, we have stayed up to date on the latest trends and expanded the scope of our display products while integrating resources and technologies from different fields. By combining experience, knowledge and the latest technology, we have improved our quality and standards of service to provide the most competitive products to our customers around the world. Today, we are an opto-electronics manufacturer that offers the most comprehensive product range backed by the most professional expertise.

The many awards and accolades that we have received over the years represent an acknowledgement of CPTs efforts. This does not mean that we are now resting on our laurels. Instead, we are now even more dedicated to developing innovative panel technologies for the market. We will continue our tradition of opening up new vistas to human perception and will in the future expand CPTs vertical integration in the TFT industry. By strengthening our global operations, improving the use of group's resources and promoting cooperation, we will achieve best performance and outstanding quality to be at the forefront of trends in modern technology. It is our constant ambition to enrich the visual experience of the human race through the application of the latest technologies.


After many years of research and development, innovation and growth, Chunghwa Picture Tubes (CPT) has evolved from a manufacturer of picture tubes to become a diversified opto-electronics company with a comprehensive product range. CPT is dedicated to its role as a display component manufacturer. To establish our own corporate identity and ensure the continuity of the company in a very competitive industry, CPT believes that our priority should be quality, shareholders and customers.

Beyond innovations and breakthroughs in opto-electronic technology, CPT places great emphasis on people-centric management and a great working environment. Guided by our 5e philosophy on high quality life (Excellent Health, Excellent Life, Excellent Intellect, Excellent Fortune, Excellent Expertise), we take a great interest in our employees welfare and have a comprehensive system in place to create a quality environment for both work and play. Training provided for career development, IT & electronics library, computer classroom, full range of organized clubs, regular company events, modern recreational facilities, rich range of study programs. These are all resources for life provided through 5e philosophy to create a place where employees can fully realize their talents and potential. By providing everything needed for work and play, cohesion among employees can be built. Through the high quality management and the dedicated hard-working staff CPT hopes to deliver to consumers high performance display products that surpass the standards of today.


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