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Operation of Board of Directors

CPTs Board of Directors is the ultimate body responsible for the companys management.  The Audit Committee operates under the Board of Directors, responsible for carrying out audits on the companys management systems and operational procedures. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is a position appointed by the Board of Directors to support the Chairman, and is responsible for planning the companys future operational development and management strategies.  At present, CPTs Chairman serves concurrently as the CEO. The directors of the company were elected by the shareholders' meeting from among the persons with disposing capacity.

CPT is dedicated to exercising sound management practices. All directors were elected by the shareholders meeting. Board meetings are convened at least once each quarter. The Board is dedicated to managing the companys operating performance and maximising returns to shareholders. Recusal policy for directors in the Procedures for Board of Directors Meetings stipulates that if an interested-party relationship exists between any director, or a juristic person the director represents, and any agenda item, and such relationship is likely to prejudice the interests of the company, the director may state opinions and answer questions but may not participate in discussion of or voting on that agenda item, and shall recuse themselves during discussion of and voting on that item, and may not act as the proxy of another director to exercise voting rights on that matter.

Article 15-2 of CPTs Articles of Incorporation provides that the company may take out an insurance policy to protect directors from liability arising out of their duties during their tenure of office.  Since 2006, CPT has been taking out indemnity insurance for our directors and supervisors. (Supervisors were removed from 2013.)

Audit Committee

CPT has put in place an effective accounting system and internal controls system in accordance with the Regulations Governing Establishment of Internal Control Systems by Public Companies to carry out fiduciary and ethical management.  Internal auditors perform periodic audits on the status of compliance with the aforementioned systems. The Internal Audit Dept. is set up under and reports directly to the Board of Directors. It is responsible for formulating the annual audit plan for adoption by the Board, through which the annual audit plan is submitted to the Competent Authority. In addition to presenting written audit reports to the Chairman for review, such reports shall also be delivered to independent directors and supervisors for their perusal within the valid legal timeframe. Representative (s) of the Internal Audit Dept. shall attend board meetings regularly to report the companys audit affairs.   Any material event or deficiency shall be reported immediately to directors and supervisors for timely and effective control of risks. Details of internal control deficiencies identified during the audit process shall be kept on file for control purposes. It is essential to follow up the matters and status of improvement.

The Internal Audit Dept. filed 52 reports in 2013, in which a total of 66 matters were identified for follow- up. The responsible departments were required to take the appropriate corrective actions.

Board of Directors
Chunghwa Electronics Investment Co., Ltd. Representative:Mr. Wei- Shan Lin
Chunghwa Electronics Investment Co., Ltd. Representative:Mr. Wei- Shan Lin
Chunghwa Electronics Investment Co., Ltd. Representative:Lin K., Wen-Yen
Tatung Co., Representative:Wen-Chieh Peng
Chunghwa Electronics Investment Co., Ltd. Representative:Ho-Lung Lin
Independent Director
Independent Director
Independent Director
Chairman/Director: Mr. Wei-Shan Lin
Education and experienceOther positions of the company
MBA of Economics, Washington University, USA
President, Tatung Co.

Chairman, Tatung Co.
Chairman, Shan Chih Semiconductor Co., Ltd.
Chairman, Tatung InfoComm Co., Ltd.
Chairman, Shan Chih Asset Development Co.
Chairman, Tatung Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd.
Chairman, Toes Opto-Mechatronics Co.
Chairman, Chunghwa Electronics Development Co., Ltd.
Chairman, Tatung Die Casting Co., Ltd.
Chairman, Tatung Medical & Healthcare Technologies Co., Ltd.
Chairman, Shan Chih Investment Co., Ltd.
Chairman, Tatung Electronics (S) Pte. Ltd.
Chairman, Tatung Electrics (S) Pte. Ltd.
Director, Kornerstone Materials Technology CO., Ltd.
Director, Fujian Vibrant Display Technology CO., Ltd.
Chairman, Forward Electronics Co., Ltd.
Chairman, Green Energy Technology Inc.
Chairman, Tatung Co. of Japan, Inc.
Chairman, Tatung SM-Cyclo CO., Ltd.
Chairman and President, CPT (Bermuda) Ltd,

Director: Wen-Yen K. Lin
Education and experienceOther positions of the company

Master of Economics, University of Maryland, USA
Vice President, Tatung Co.
Lecturer, National Taiwan University
Lecturer, Tatung University
Executive Vice President, Tatung CO.
Sr. General Manager, Tatung Company's International Sales Division

Chairman and President, Tatung Co.
Chairman, Elitegroup Computer Systems Co.,Ltd.
Chairman, Tatung Mexico S.A. de C.V
Chairman, Tatung Information (S) Pte. Ltd.
Chairman, Tatung Czech, s.r.o

Director: Wen-Chieh Peng
Education and experienceOther positions of the company
Master of Insurance, Feng Chia University
Tatung President's Special Assistant and General Manager of Tatung Company's Investment Division
Sr. General Manager, Tatung Company's Finance Division
CFO, Tatung Company's Finance Division
Director, Chih Sheng Real Estate Co., Ltd.
Chairman, Chih Sheng Investment Co., Ltd.
Director, Shan Chih Asset Development Co.
Director, Tatung Trade Electronics(Wujiang) Co., Ltd
Director, Absolute Alpha Limited

Director:Ho-Lung Lin

Education and experienceOther positions of the company

Master of Materials Science and Engineering, National Tsing Hua University
Associate Professor of Materials Engineering, Tatung University
President, Shan Chih Semiconductor Co., Ltd.
President and CEO, Green Energy Technology Inc.

Director, Ultra Energy(Weifang) Technology Co., Ltd.
Chairman, Energy Well Internatiional Ltd.
Director, Greater Power Ltd.
Chairman, Sheng Yang Energy Co., Ltd.
Director, CSF Limited.
Director, Ultra Engineering Co. Ltd.
Chairman, Tatung Yong-shu Energy Co., Ltd.
Director, Tatung (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Director, Chih-Yi Health Co., Ltd.
Director, Tatung Czech, s.r.o
Director, Shihlien Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd.

Independent Director: Chien-Ho Chao
Education and experienceOther positions of the company
Master of Ming Chuan University School of Law

Major Lawyer, Hsieh Li law office

Independent Director:Chien-Chung Yuan
Education and experienceOther positions of the company

PhD of Electrical Engineering, NY State University, USA
Visiting Scholar, MIT, USA
Visiting Scholar, Royal Institute, UK

Professor, Dept of Management Science. National Chiao Tung University
Independent Director, TONS Lightology Inc.
Independent Director, Unitech Printed Circuit Board Corp.
Independent Director, Analog Integrations Corporation

Independent Director:Yuh-Yuan Tsai
Education and experienceOther positions of the company

Phd of Business Management, National Chengchi University
Post-doctorate researcher, University of California, Berkeley
Visiting Scholar, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
Professor, Department of Business Administration, National Dong Hwa University
Chief Secretary, National Dong Hwa University
Director, Industrial Innovation-Incubation Center, National Dong Hwa University
Director, East-Taiwan Industry Research and Development Center, National Dong Hwa University

Senior Researcher and Director, Industry and Business Institute of the World Economics Society

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