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Company Operator
 Lungtan (HQ)嚗+886-3-480-5678
 Overseas Site嚗+86-591-8397-1357

 Lungtan (HQ):+886-3-480-5678 ext 7513
 Yangmei:+886-3-478-6121 ext 8069

Product/Sales Inquiries
 +886-3-480-5678 ext 2057

Shareholder & Investor Relations
 +886-3-478-6121 ext 7288, 7289
Stock Service Unit
 +886-2-2952-5252 ext 3258

Media Relations
 +886-3-478-6121 ext 7534, 7546

Employee Relations
 +886-3-480-5678 ext 2174

 Direct Line

Supplier Services
 886-3-4805678 Ext:8874

SQE Integration System

Suggestions & Complaints

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