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Legal Compliance

Legal compliance on all dimensions of our business is very high on CPTs agenda. We perceive legal compliance as an essential part of our responsibility as a global corporate citizen.
CPT established the Office of Legal Compliance to assist employees interpret regulations correctly. Integrity, Honesty, Diligence and Frugality is the founding spirit of CPT and we are proud to say that the company has always been legally compliant. Internally, we are constantly restating the importance of and our expectation for all to comply with the ethical standards such as the business ethics, corporate governance and employees code of conduct.

Institution of Office of Legal Compliance

CPT has set up the Office of Legal Compliance to show our commitment to comply with global regulations. The Office is responsible for monitoring and controlling the companys internal business operations to prevent breach of required laws and regulations. Main tasks of the Office are currently as follows:
Coordinate with respective departments to carry out legal compliance work; Conduct legal compliance training on employees who deal directly with external parties including sales representatives, procurement personnel, and customer service representatives, in order to ensure that these employees acquire correct legal compliance concepts; established an internal legal compliance mechanism for reporting of any incident of breach or for timely clarification of any doubts any employee may have with respect to particular legal compliance requirements to caution against small issues before they become more apparent.

Fair Competition

Since 2006, CPT and several affiliated overseas corporations were investigated by law enforcements of multiple countries as part of litigations against TFT-LCD manufacturers for price fixing. CPT had admitted to such claims and paid the required fines. The Fair Trade Commission of Taiwan also ordered CPT to provide relevant information in 2008, which CPT has obliged as legally required. In terms of civil compensation, CPT is doing everything it can to resolve the lawsuit with consumers and governments of all countries involved.  In terms of the antitrust case of CRT products, CPT had proactively cooperated with the governments of all countries involved, and therefore was not fined. CPT had always had a tradition of legal compliance, and continues its tradition of working with all countries involved with utmost honesty and integrity over resolving relevant matters. CPT understands that complying with competition legislation is a very crucial part of commercial activities. CPT will continue to strictly observe relevant legislations. Internally, CPT will continue implementing legal compliance education. Externally, CPT will cooperate with fair trade policies of all countries involved in hopes of maintaining a positive corporate image.

Code of Conduct

CPT has put in place the Anti-Bribery Policy and Work Rules, clearly stipulating that all employees are prohibited from directly or indirectly accepting any form of unreasonable gift, entertainment or other improper benefits for personal gain, which may potentially put the companys rights at stake. In addition, the companys Procedures for Handling of Material Internal Information clearly stipulate that directors, supervisors, managers, and employees of the company shall neither disclose any material internal information known to them to others, nor shall they attempt to enquire or gather undisclosed material internal information unrelated to their work from individuals who have knowledge of such information. Anyone who gains knowledge of undisclosed material internal information by non-work related means is prohibited to disseminate such information to others. All supervisors and employees shall abide by the Principles for Managing Acceptance of Monetary Benefits and Entertainment put in place by CPT in 2007 when promoting business and handling administrative matters. Tatung Co., the parent company of CPT, issued a Corporate Ethics Statement on April 9, 2010 to all employees of the group, to govern the conduct of all employees. Contents of the Statement are as follows:

Employees of the Tatung Group shall, during their period of employment with the Group, exercise the highest standards of ethics and responsibility, abide by rules, remain dedicated to service, act ethically and with integrity, and strictly comply with laws and regulations. All employees are reminded at all times to place personal and the Groups pride above all else by upholding the spirit of Integrity, Honesty, Diligence and Frugality to support sound performance, to establish the Groups social credibility and to abide by the Work Rules.

  • Employees shall not take advantage of their positions to make unlawful gain or accept gifts or benefits from others. All meetings with suppliers shall take place on the companys premise.
  • Employees shall not exaggerate actual production figures or prepare false work records.
  • Employees shall not take possession of the companys finance or commit a fraud for personal gain.
  • Employees shall not engage in acts that impair ones personal integrity, ethical standards and family responsibilities during a business trip.
  • Employees shall not engage in any illegal act that violates the companys corporate spirit of Integrity, Honesty, Diligence and Frugality.

CPT is constantly promoting the Principles for Managing Acceptance of Monetary Benefits and Entertainment within the company through the companys intranet. Anti-Corruption training is compulsory for all employees of the companys production plants in Taiwan and Malaysia. Upon implementation of the EICC management system in our production plants in China, all employees received formal training. The training program covered materials relevant to the companys anti-corruption policy. Subsequently, EICC training also became compulsory for all new employees. Effective 2010, employees of our offshore operations are required to sign the Integrity and Honesty Agreement with the company. The Agreement includes specific clauses to combat the act of business bribery. CPT is proud to be capable of maintaining a clean record till this date, and will continue to work hard to safeguard the companys credibility and integrity.


CPT is constantly promoting the Principles for Managing Acceptance of Monetary Benefits and Entertainment within the company through the companys intranet. All employees in the Taiwanese and Chinese plant areas are receiving EICC education, which covers anti-corruption issues. Currently, training completion rate is 100% in Taiwanese plant areas and 76% in Chinese plant areas. CPT will continue to complete training for all employees. Subsequent EICC education will be mandatory for all new employees of CPT. Currently; CPT did not witness any corruption cases within the company, and will work to protect the companys integrity in the future.

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