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     CPT initiated a reform process in 2016 with the three major objectives of product focus, increase of gross profits, and cost control. Operating conditions are improved through strategic investments and asset activation. The subsidiary, CPT Technology (Group) Co., Ltd., announced a non-public offering which was reviewed and approved by the China Securities Regulatory Commission and raised capital of RMB$ 10 billion. This capital was invested in the construction of Mantix Display Technology Co., Ltd. which has the potential of creating a new niche for CPT operations. The sale of Giantplus Technology to the Japanese company Ortus injected net value and enhanced shareholder rights and interests.

CPTs exciting displays at the 2016 International Smart Display & Touch Panel Exhibition were centered around the three main themes of industrial display, vehicle use, and smart life. The products of the cover lens plant, a joint venture of the CPT subsidiary Kornerstone Materials Technology Co., Ltd., have been showcased at numerous exhibitions, creating business opportunities in the field of next generation cover lens. In response to IoT, Industry 4.0 trends and the widening application scope of industrial displays and in-vehicle electronics, CPT utilizes smart technologies to develop intelligent domestic robots and venture into the field of IoT applications.

The sewage recycling system in the Longtan plant area, which required an investment of NT$ 1.2 billion and was constructed in response to the Xiaoli Creek issue, has been in operation for 1 year. Operating conditions are excellent and water consumption at the plant has been reduced to 10% of the original amount. Annual water savings amount to 6.73 million tons. On February 21, 2017, Taoyuan Mayor Cheng Wen-Tsan visited the plant area to gain a clear understanding of the actual operations of the sewage recycling system. He lauded efficiency and the active spirit exhibited in this major environmental protection project. In addition, CPT transfers its carbon rights to other parties. The company transferred carbon rights to 2016 Medicare Taiwan to help the exhibition achieve zero carbon emissions and carbon neutrality. CPT not only helped realize the first carbon neutral exhibition in Taiwan but also set a perfect example for the collaboration of the government and enterprises in the reduction of carbon emissions.

CPT is committed to care for society and the transformation of the company into a friendly, social enterprise. CPT is dedicated to giving back to society and local communities. This includes the continued creation of employment opportunities for the physically disabled; sponsorship of the Taiwan Flags Festival Special Exhibition, organized by the Beautiful Taiwan Association in the Huashan Creative Park area, for four consecutive years; donation of waste IT pr