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     In 2017, under the CPT management team, all colleagues adhered to the value-oriented strategy and teamwork, and the business performance has greatly improved. In 2017, CPTs consolidated net revenue was NT$ 34.74 billion, and the company recorded gross profits of NT$ 6.55 billion. Net operating profit and after-tax net profit equalled NT$ 2.41 and 3.57 billion, respectively. EPS is 0.46 per share. The net revenue and various financial figures not only increased significantly compared with the previous year, but also the whole year's profit turned out of the red. CPT has cherished hard-won improvement results and will continue to operate intensively to face many challenges of the industry.
     CPT's footsteps in the development of display technology have not stopped. In the International Smart Display & Touch Panel Exhibition 2017, the company displayed new products focused on themes of smart automotive, flexible display technology, OLED new process technology development, display technology development, and intelligent integration. In view of the trend of smart technology, such as the Internet of Things and the Internet of Vehicles, CPT has actively developed a new vision and wisdom e-life and invested in research and development resources and technical skills.
     CPT Longtan Plant has completed its full wastewater recycling system for two years, and the overall operation is in good condition. On February 21, 2017, Taoyuan Mayor Cheng Wen-Tsan visited the plant area to gain a clear understanding of the actual operations of the sewage recycling system. He lauded efficiency and the active spirit exhibited in this major environmental protection project. In October 2017, in cooperation with the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), the 2017 Group Energy Conservation Service Taskforce Performance Open House was held at CPT Yangmei Plant to conduct energy-saving case reports and on-site observations, sharing energy-saving and carbon-reduction performance and practices. Furthermore, the performance was awarded the Performance Outstanding by the Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs. In the future energy conservation plan, we actively cooperated with the Taoyuan City Self-governance Articles of Development Low Carbon Green City, planning to build solar systems at the CPT Longtan Plant (2,620 KW), and the Yangmei Plant (499 KW). It is expected to be connected to the Taipower system in parallel in 2019 and actively participate in the promotion of green energy development.
     CPT is committed to becoming a socially friendly company and actively participates in social welfare and community activities, including: responding to the Reading and Sharing Project of the eslite Foundation for Culture and Arts for secondhand book donations, continuing to provide employment opportunities for the disabled, donating scrapped IT products to the Private Spinal Cord Injury Potential Development Center of Taoyuan City for eight consecutive years as the rehabilitation fund for injured patients, participating in the Hakka Tong Blossom Festival organized by the Sanhe Community Development Association in Longtan for eight consecutive years, and providing community weakness caring assistance. In 2017, the company was honoured with the Taiwan Sustainability Reporting Award and the Gold Award of The Electronic Information Manufacturing Industry in the context of the TCSA Corporate Sustainability Awards presented by the Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy, which showed the company's sustainable business intentions.
     Looking forward, CPT will integrate the sustainable development policy with the world. Responding to UN Sustainable Development Goals, CPT will take the three objectives of employment and economic growth, health and welfare, and clean water and sanitation as CPT's follow-up indicators set and the direction of efforts. Looking ahead, the CPT Sustainable Management Committee will continue to implement its sustainable management policies and are promote the concepts among suppliers in an effort to jointly fulfil CSR.
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