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    In recent years, environmental conservation concepts and newly emerging issues such as energy conservation management have received growing attention and support in many countries. In response to these trends, CPT has incorporated green concepts into the product design and manufacturing process to fulfill its green responsibility as a global citizen. The Green Management Committee, which was formed in April 2010 and renamed to Sustainability Committee in 2015, calls upon all CPT employees to jointly promote corporate social responsibility and green management. CSR and green management represent the strategic approaches of the company in the field of sustainable management and development. The range of functions of the committee was completed through the incorporation of the six core values of Agility, Accountability, Innovation, Passion, Cooperation, and Integrity. This ensures a simultaneous focus on business development on the one hand and social and ecological balance and sustainable development on the other. An effective implementation of CSR is also expected to increase the identification of employees with the company as well as their sense of honor. Externally, the company makes all efforts to give back to society and meet the expectations of the government and communities with the goal of enhancing the corporate image of the company and earning the support of stakeholders for the companys efforts in the field of sustainable management.
    Environmental protection has always been a main focus of the companys corporate management. Over many years, the general public has shown great concern for environmental issues related to the discharge of effluents into Xiaoli River by CPT. Despite the fact that CPT passed relevant environmental impact assessments when the Longtan plant was constructed, the company continues to monitor the impact of discharged effluents on the water quality of the river and actively searches for appropriate environmental solutions to fulfill its responsibility for protection of the local environment. The company has therefore invested a total of NT$ 1.2 billion in the adoption of the most advanced full wastewater recycling and zero discharge technologies. This process lasted 22 months and involved the resolution of difficulties in the fields of site characteristics, technology, and project progress. The Longtan waste water recycling and zero discharge project was finally completed in December 30, 2015 and the effluent pipe sealing ceremony was witnessed by senior officials of the Environmental Protection Administration and Taoyuan City and Hsinchu County governments, ushering in a new era of full waste water recycling and zero discharges at CPT.
    This recycling system enables CPT to reuse treated process wastewater and raises the recycling rate for all plant processes from 85.2% to 100%, generating annual water savings of 5.5 million tons. The system represents a full implementation of recycling and reuse of water resources. An annual budget of NT$ 100 million is earmarked as environmental processing expenditures in the context of this project. CPT is the first company in Taiwan to adopt a full process wastewater recycling and zero discharge system that indicates that the company is capable of balancing economic development and environmental protection.
    CPT has made an unwavering commitment to the implementation of environmental protection in its corporate management. Active operations of the Sustainability Committee ensure a continued focus on the responsibilities of the company with regard to residents of local communities, shareholders, and society as well as a constant commitment to achieving the goal of sustainable operations. (2016.08.19 updated)




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