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  Corporate sustainability policie
          In 2015, the Green Management Committee, which had been established in 2010, was renamed to Sustainable Management Committee. The president serves as chairman of the main committee that features seven subordinate functional committees. The Internal Control Committee and Supply Chain Management Committee have been added to the five existing committees (Green Process Committee, Human Right and Social Justice Promotion Committee, Product Liability Committee, Visionary Innovation Committee, and ESH Committee)Formulation of corporate sustainability policies, commitment to the promotion of the corporate social responsibility dimensions specified below, and dedicated efforts to achieve corporate sustainability.
1. Economy: Transparency of internal management and benefits for society in the process of earning profits
2. Environmental: Decreased consumption of energy resources and development of eco-friendly products
3. Employees: Creation of a LOHAS work environment to increase the happiness of employees and society
4. Suppliers: Provision of high-quality and innovative products and joint promotion of corporate social responsibility together with suppliers and customers
5. Society: Building of a positive corporate image and sustainable operations through community care by employees and increased social welfare

  (2016.08.19 updated) 
  Environmental, safety, health and energy policy 
      To realize CPT's CSR commitment to continued improvement in environmental safety and health management, conform to domestic and foreign legislation on pollution prevention and control as well as improve environmental safety and health management performance, CPT is committed to green design, green production and the creation of a healthy and sustainable working environment.
      In September 2011, CPTs Taoyuan plant first began implementing energy management system ISO50001 and ISO14001 environmental management system to act as integrating energy and environmental protection systems. The original environmental protection policy is amended into the environmental protection and energy policy. Energy conservation and carbon reduction is conducted through systematic management models to delve into manufacturing processes to discover potential for energy efficiency improvements.


  Green commitment 

      CPT has promoted green initiatives since 2009 by starting with the 17657 project to encourage carbon reduction. The Green Management Committee was formed in 2010 across the departments. The Committee upheld the spirit of "Green Life, Green World" to integrate green principles with corporate governance and proposed the low-carbon corporate action plan (Green Actions) to promote the goal of reducing carbons by 22%. We reached the 23% carbon reduction goal by 2011. We successfully integrated green thinking with the operating strategy and turned it into action. The task was satisfactorily completed in 2012. Therefore, 2013-2015 CPT Green Optimization Plan was formulated in 2012 to continue the green initiatives. The CPT Green Optimization Plan has already been completed. In addition, all sub-committees have formulated 2016 management policies for all material GRI G4 indicators of concern to stakeholders in accordance with their duties and responsibilities. This will be followed by the proposal of Sustainability Programs for 2016~2020. Joint efforts are made to establish green concepts and extend these concepts to external eco-friendly activities to give stakeholders a clear understanding of the efforts and actions of CPT in the field of CSR. (2016.08.19 updated)

        CPT has won the "Carbon Reduction and Energy Saving Action Awards" of the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) three years in a row as an excellent company in the northern area.
      CPT promoted carbon reduction and energy saving events since 2010 in response to EPA's policies and passed the certification for the "Carbon Reduction and Energy Saving Action Awards" for three consecutive years. The award for the excellent company in northern Taiwan recognizes our great efforts in carbon reduction and energy savings. We will continue to carry out carbon reduction and energy savings, encourage an environment-friendly atmosphere, promote GHG reduction and put these activities in daily practice. The high-level managers will lead the employees in taking environment-friendly actions for the earth.
 The EPA minister personally awarded the prize to the enterprises having excellent performance in carbon reduction and energy savings in 2012.
   Defining of energy conservation and carbon reduction targets 


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