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CPT is committed to realizing our business philosophy and community development through commitments in three areas: Creation, Perfection and Teamwork.


      Innovative Materials and Technology R&D : CPT continues to implement green product design and product carbon reduction plans and activities. CPT work with suppliers to carry out GHG inventory, including on-site surveys and verification, disclose data of resource consumption in every manufacturing stage of LCD products, completed product carbon and water footprint certification and implemented suppliers carbon reduction and water conservation activities throughout the product life cycle from raw material, manufacturing, distribution to customers.
      CPT won the 24th Taiwan Excellence Award: To enhance the image of Taiwanese products, the Ministry of Economic Affairs encourages businesses to improve R&D, design, quality, and marketing with the goal of increasing international competitiveness. The Ministry has created Taiwan Excellence Awards. All prize-winning products must conform to current trends in the field of environmental protection and innovation. Since 2009, numerous products have been honored with Taiwan Excellence Awards. In 2015, the In-Vehicle Transparent Navigation Display (CLAA061LA) and the 7 tablet panel with embedded touch (TLAT070W111) were honored with awards at the 24th Taiwan Excellence Awards.


      Cultivation of technological expertise in the pursuit of perfection:
Hosting of the Campus Fun electrical technology seminars: Every year, CPT hosts a series of Campus Fun electrical seminars to introduce students to technology education. The seminars also help to cultivate future tech expertises to ensure the sustainable development of the opto-electronics industry. The seminars not only feature CPT experts who tour the campuses sharing their professional knowledge but also LCD panel disassembly sessions to give students the chance to see actual TFT-LCD panels in a campus setting.




      Industry, government and academic R&D cooperation: Apart from actively cultivating R&D expertise to strengthen our internal R&D capability, CPT began supporting cooperative industry-academic research programs (Tatung and NCTU) in 2004 on pioneering display technologies. CPT not only donated the "Jiaoying Building" to provide a base for research but also scholarships to support pioneering R&D projects in display technologies. These efforts support the nurturing of exceptional talents in opto-electronics display integration technology and the joint R&D efforts will produce tangible returns for society.
      CPT was invited to participate in the inauguration ceremony of the NCTU Startup Lab organized in the NCTU CPT Building on January 28, 2015. CPT Chairman Mr. Wei-Shan Lin and NCTU President Ms. Yan-Hua Wu jointly attended this event. The NCTU Startup Lab was established to provide comprehensive startup planning services, encourage a spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship among university students, and train aspiring entrepreneurs.



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