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Labor Policy

      Employees are the company's most important assets. Employee rights are to be protected and respected, and we shall continue to fulfill our CSR in the spirit of continued improvement. We declare and promise to abide by the following policy: 

Protection of Human Rights

      According to CPTs recruitment policy, the company does not discriminate candidates by race, social class, language, thinking, religion, political party, nationality, gender, marital status, appearance, features, mental or physical disabilities, birth place, sexual inclination, age or past membership with an union.   There is no gender discrimination in our wage system. All employees enjoy equally fair promotion opportunities.

Compliance with RBA

      Ever since adoption of the RBA system, CPTs production plants have been duly adhering to the RBA standards. RBA training is compulsory for all new employees, and so far, all have received RBA training. During the period between 2009 and 2010, all production plants were subjected to verification by SGS (Taiwan).
CPT values human rights and has serious regard for environmental, safety, hygiene and ethical management requirements. Therefore, we continue to systematically promote the Electronic Industry Code of Conduct (RBA) system, and expand the system towards our suppliers. We also ask our suppliers to promote RBA to higher levels to demonstrate their commitment to fulfil their corporate social responsibilities.
      CPT has put in place clear measures to prohibit the use of child labor.  Candidates that satisfy the companys recruitment criteria will be notified to attend an interview with the departmental supervisor. Candidates who are successful in the interview selection process will be subjected to further confirmations of specific employment conditions such salaries and age where required, in accordance with the companys human resources policy.
      CPT recruits employees on the basis of the voluntary principle, which means that any employee has the right to vacate his or her position provided that he or she gives the company a reasonable period of advance notice of such intention in advance. The company does not request employee to hand in his or her identify documents such as the National Identification Card or passport or any form of bond as part of the employment criteria. CPT undertakes not to use any cruel or inhuman policy to manage our employees, including imposing any form of harassment, abuse, physical punishment, mental or physical stress, or verbal abuse. CPTs offers above-average remuneration to employees at all our business locations. Employees are entitled to receive overtime payments in accordance with national regulations.
      CPT has instituted a designated suggestion box to receive feedbacks from employments.  Any employee who feels that his or her right is impaired may submit a claim in writing or by other means, which upon submission, will be handled and investigated accordingly by the relevant department. The company has also put in place anti-harassment measures and complaint lodgment avenues to protect employees from sexual harassments at work.
Human rights considerations are incorporated as part of the training program of security staffs at our global production plants. Besides reinforcing staff training on legal requirements and company regulations, emergency rehearsals and promotion of traffic safety, the company also conducts training of the RBA system on all employees to establish employees appreciation for human rights. CPT places great emphasis on human rights, environmental protection, and safety, health, and ethical management related issues. In the future, the company will continue to implement the RBA system (Version 5.1, 2016) in a systematic fashion. RBA principles will also be promoted among suppliers who will be requested to further promote these principles among upstream suppliers to emphasize the determination to fulfill CSR.

Management of Conflict Mineral

      To prevent inappropriate actions incurred from production and transaction of conflict minerals from African countries, the US has officially passed legislation on July 21, 2011, that empowers American stock exchanges to require disclosure reports of metal production sites of all products sold to the US in the future to track the source of minerals so as to prevent importing products with conflict minerals. To comply with such legislation, our clients have requested CPT to audit the mineral smelting contractors of its suppliers. CPT will work with client requests and initiate special investigations.CPT continues to conduct metallurgy surveys of suppliers. In 2015, the company initiated supplier surveys and verifications in line with customer demands for conflict mineral surveys. Supplier responses indicate that no metals from conflict areas are utilized by CPT suppliers. Relevant feedback has been provided via forms and websites designated by customers. In the 2016 supplier conference, we once again requested our suppliers to conduct an RBA Conflict-free Smelter Survey and Due Diligence, requiring our suppliers to disclose the origin of their metals, so that we can trace the sources of the minerals and avoid importing products containing tantalum (Ta), tin (Sn), tungsten (W) and gold (Au) from conflict areas.

Conflict Minerals Policy

Labor Unions & Labor Negotiations

      Employees of CPT enjoy the freedom of joining the union and the right to participate in group negotiation. Head of the Human Resources Dept. attends union meetings to promote harmony between workers and the company. At present, a labor union, with 60 union representatives, has been formed to represent employees of CPT (Taoyuan). Similarly, Chunghwa Picture Tubes (Wujiang) Ltd., CPT Display Technology (Fujian) Ltd., CPTF Visual Display (Fuzhou) Ltd., CPT TPV Optical (Fujian) Co., Ltd. and CPTF Optronics Co. Ltd. also have legally established labor unions.

Multiple Channels for Employee Communication

      CPT has established numerous internal dialogue exchanges such as the employee welfare committee, the employee union representing employees of our Taoyuan Production Plant and regular union meetings and conferences. We ensure that our employees have better rights than those prescribed by law and granted by the majority of other manufacturers. Union conferences are held at production plants for the companys representatives to understand and offer timely feedbacks to the comments and areas of improvements proposed by employees. Such occasions also give the companys management the opportunity to communicate the companys operating status and directions accurately and timely. The online suggestion box allows us to learn about employees needs and suggestions more quickly and to adopt their views.

Employee Pension Fund

      CPT has put in place a comprehensive employee pension policy. We make a monthly provision for pension fund in accordance with ROC and local regulations prevailing in the country in which our offshore production plants operate, to ensure that each employee is well looked after upon retirement.
    Taiwan: An employee is required to make a monthly contribution equalling to 6% of his or her monthly salaries for depositing into his or her individual pension account held at the Bureau of Labor Insurance.
    Offshore investee companies: According to local regulations, contributions to the pension fund account shall be expensed in the current period of income.

The Minimum Period of Notice for Change of Employment Conditions

      In order to protect the rights of our employees, CPT has formulated the policy In conformance with government regulations, to give the following notice to employees in the event where the companys operations experience significant changes that may potentially affect the rights of employees: at least 10 days notice for employees with between 3 months and 1 year of continuous service; 20 days notice for employees with over 1 year and under 3 years of continuous service; 30 days notice for employees with over 3 years of continuous service.


      CPT has put in place the EAPs to offer free consultation services to employees on a variety of issues including work pressure, family and parenting, life and law, labor relations, gender relationships, and financial related topics. We care about the well being of each employee with our heart. The company offered several legal courses that were in higher demand by our employees during 2010. We recruited professional lecturers to run the course on site to help more employees.



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