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  Policy Communication 

CPT is dedicated to carrying out the concepts expressly stated in our environmental safety and health policy and promoting such concepts to our employees, clients and other stakeholders in hope that they may understand our dedication to fulfilling our corporate social responsibilities, protecting the environment, preventing occupational hazards and continuously making improvements. We sought to effectively communicate the contents of our policy to our stakeholders through the following avenues:

  • Put up posters near the plants access control points嚗
  • Departmental occupational safety and health committee members assist with promotion of the concepts嚗
  • Conducting environmental safety and health training and events嚗
  • Organizing community services and community care events in order for community residents to understand the companys dedication to carrying out the policy嚗
  • Requesting suppliers to incorporate safety and health concepts in their policies for promotion within suppliers organization.嚗
  • Convening supplier safety and health promotion conference and negotiation committee meeting to explain, promote, communicate and negotiate policy-related issues.
  Environmental Safety and Heath Management System

All our production plants have established an Occupational Safety & Health and Environmental Conservation Committee, of which the members were company representatives and employees elected through a voting system. The Committee is responsible for formulating, negotiating and supervising company-wide environmental/safety & health/ heath care initiatives. The Committee is chaired by the President with committee members consisting of labor representatives, safety and health management personnel, departmental supervisors, medical staff and Occupational safety and health committee members. The Committee convenes regular meetings to discuss the implementation status of occupational safety and health initiatives. Members, who are representatives of the respective departments, are responsible for promoting the initiatives to each colleague in their departments.

  Safety and Health Performance 

In addition to regular safety checks and audits, the company also conducts periodic safety and health performance rating within the organization to fully implement our safety culture. We hope to gather the strength of supervisors and employees to promote the safety culture. Our accomplishments have far exceeded the standards prescribed by law. A summary of occupational hazards (excluding traffic accidents) occurred was as follows.

The competition of safety and health performance


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