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What is CPT e-Business
1.e-Business provides electronic tools for the suppliers to conduct business with CPT. This system provides all the information required to make transaction with CPT, including Order System for query of order reference, order reply etc.
2.Please contact with the buyer for applying an authorized account or forgot password.
3.In case you have difficulties in operating the system, please refer to related instructions or contact our service technicians. (Tel:886-3-367-5151) 

Green Supplier 
At present the GPM system provides the supplier the website official area and the supplier website practice area, the official system estimated to 7/15 establishes completes, the supplier may to the practice area operating system input test material, treat when the official system starts the implementation, the supplier equally can receive the E-Mail notice, receives the notice the supplier equally defers to the E-mail content which informs to record the supplier website official area to make the material announcement.

Supplier Quality Engineering
What is SQE(Supplier Quality Engineering)
SQE Integration System is a platform for CPT partners to upload reports related to the quality of partners' products which included Inspection report for shipped goods of material嚗SPC report as attestation of effective process management嚗ORT report for product reliability management and CIP report for continuous improvement of process
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