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  Safety & health competition 

      To improve the safety awareness of plant employees and reduce occupational injuries through safe operating procedures, safety & health competitions are now being planned or introduced at each plant. The implementation of the competitions has led to an increase in the number of improvement proposals generated by each unit and a significant reduction in work incidents. This not only contributes to a safe operating environment in each plant but also reduces the chance of work injuries.


  Thermal imaging inspection of machine distributors 

      Thermal imaging is now being introduced for machinery distributors throughout CPT plants to enhance early diagnosis of distributor problems. This helps to reduce loss production and risk to plants from unexpected interruptions, and has produced significant benefits in damage prevention.

View of normal machinery

Problem identified during inspection
  Tag control system

      Recently there has been a spate of incidents where workers were killed when machines weren't stopped or suddenly started up during maintenance. To prevent such accidents, CTP plants have now implemented a tag control scheme that uses tags to notify all workers in the area of maintenance work under way. This will help prevent workers accidentally starting up or resetting machines and equipment during maintenance.

Change management and risk evaluation

      To prevent risks and hazards caused by changes to software and hardware, CPT has defined Management of Change (MOC) regulations to carry out change reviews for new or modified operational activities, products or services. This is intended to reduce the risks of serious safety, health or environmental impact inside or outside of the plants.

      An environmental and hazard assessment process is also in place to ensure the proper management of production chemicals, production technologies, machinery, piping & instrumentation diagrams (P&ID) and operating procedures. This is intended to avoid and prevent any impact to employee safety, plant safety & health, plant/external environment and company assets.

Work safety observation
The purpose is to find out if there are unsafe environment and act in field operation to discover and reduce potential risks and take actions in a proactive manner. The field manager actively conducts work safety observation to further discover unsafe act in the field to achieve effective management and improvement.


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