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      All our production plants have put in place a set of comprehensive emergency response systems to prepare for any emergency. The systems include a reporting mechanism, a pre-established emergency response center (ERC), a pre-established emergency response taskforce (ERT), and emergency response equipments.  We hope to reinforce employees emergency response abilities by establishing the aforementioned systems coupled with a comprehensive emergency response training program. We have also compiled a database of emergency response information for fire, earthquake, power stoppage, leakage of hazardous gas, or leakage of information to be used as the guidelines for handling an emergency or accidental event. 


      All production plants have set up an ERT to handle any emergency event. At present, our Taoyuan, Lungtan and Yangmei production plants have set up the respective ERC in addition to the ERT. The ERC is attended around the clock by full-time employees and is installed with the various emergency response equipment including gas detectors, fire alarms, security cameras, and the emergency ventilation system. As soon as the ERC becomes aware of the occurrence of an abnormal condition or accident, it will immediately call for establishment of the ERT through the emergency broadcast system for the ERT to take effective actions simultaneously.

      The company has conducted a series of relating training programs at our production plans to reinforce the abilities of supervisors and employees to respond appropriately in an emergency event. The company also organized different scenario rehearsals each month, of which the purpose were to enhance the on-site emergency response mechanisms.




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