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  Health clinic 

      Taoyuan, Longtan and Yangmei now all have on-site doctors and nurses to provide employees with health clinic services. The clinics also allow employees to receive appropriate medical treatment and advice during working hours.


  Health promoting activities 

      Personnel are the largest assets to CPT. So we are concerned and care about the health of employees and arrange periodic checkups for them. In addition, the checkup items are superior to the regulatory requirements. We have set up an employee clinic in the organization and hired physicians of different specialties to provide medical services for employees in order to let employees enjoy professional medical services and consultations inside the plant. In fact, we have expanded our medical services to the dependents of employees and locals. Also, to let female employees work at ease after giving birth to their children, we have established a milk collection and feeding room to give them a beautiful, comfortable, private and independent space.
      In order to maintain the physical and mental health of employees and to promote workplace health, we have organized a regular weight control diet and health talks, no-smoking workplace campaigns and aerobic exercises and built high-standard basketball courts, swimming pools and gyms in the complexes. We have also won the Excellence in Workplace Health Promotion Award and Health Promotion for Employee Care Award from the Public Health Bureau of the Taoyuan County Government for these achievements.



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