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Hazardous Substances Requirements


      The Green Product & Risk Management Department has integrated regulations from various countries to establish suitable standards for each client regarding the management of suppliers hazardous substances. Furthermore, each material is examined according to the Supplier-end Complete Conformance System for Procurement, which is a supplier management system established by CPT.


      Suppliers are among CPTs most important stakeholders. Since 2007, we have requested our suppliers to sign Materials and Substances Declaration and provide material test reports demonstrating their compliance with relevant international environmental legislations and requirements. In 2009, we further required our suppliers to meet their social responsibilities. Based on the value-chain thinking, CPT has long been working with our green partners in reducing product environmental load and improving quality of life for all stakeholders.


      Since the end of 2007, CPT has been holding regular supplier conference to introduce to suppliers CPTs green policy and strategy, and to ensure that suppliers understand the hazardous substances listed in CPTs Supplier- Management Rules of Material Hazardous Substances.

(2018.07.20 updated)
WEEE Directive

      We are working to improve the proportion of waste recycled to reduce our environmental impact, increase the product reuse to 75% and recycling rate to over 65% to conform to the EU's WEEE requirements and reduce environmental waste. CPI has also set up teams to compile WEEE disassembly manuals as required by customers that clearly set out the product disassembly procedure.

ErP Directive

      The Energy-using Products (EuP) directive was expanded in November 2009 to become the new Energy-related Product (ErP) directive. 


      In response to the EuP directive, CPI began inventorying the lifecycle of selected models in 2007 as a way of introducing eco-design and training to the company (e.g. design, process, packaging). Improvement targets were set and produced significant results. We also worked with all partners to take an inventory of our products' energy use and waste generation to develop the first eco-design manual.



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