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Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

Environmental marks and declarations provide a way of stakeholders to convey their environmental viewpoint and the product's environmental information in the international market. Selected models were submitted for environmental marks by CPT. We also worked with our partners on collecting information for the EuP lifecycle inventory. The EPD information was acquired through actual supplier inventories and the inventory covered 99% of all parts. This met the criteria for product disclosure and EPD certification was received in October, 2008.

Certification of Carbon Footprint for LCD Panel Products

        Since August 2009, relevant CPT departments have been planning and exerting efforts for the product carbon footprint verification. After about half a year of investment and preparation, with the cooperation of nearly 15 suppliers, CPT was finally able to disclose and analyze the environmental impacts associated with its LCD products. CPT followed the international carbon footprint standards such as ISO14040, ISO 14044, ISO 14064-1, and PAS 2050 standard to determine the carbon footprint for its 22 desktop LCD panel product and the result was verified by the Environment and Development Foundation (EDF) before public declaration. This is CPTs first carbon footprint declaration for its LCD panels.

Vehicular Product (069) Emissions Reduction Program

In December 2012, the CPT completed both the carbon footprint and water footprint inventories of its 6.9 car panel product to further save energy and reduce emissions for CPT vehicular products and promote the Vehicular Product (069) Emissions Reduction Program targeted at 10% emissions reduction. By reducing emissions by 11.6%, the program target was achieved. Thanks for the full cooperation of suppliers. In the future, the CPT will enhance energy efficiency and water efficiency in more aspects together with suppliers, so as to reduce the effect on climate change and build a sustainable green supply chain.

CPTs 6.9 inch vehicular panel passed the product carbon and water footprint certifications
2013 Vehicular Product (069) Emissions Reduction Program      (2014.07.31 updated)
Green product and management system certification

CPI's green product effort has to date seen our plants receive Green Partner certification from SONY in 2004 and the Samsung Eco-Partner certification in 2008. We are now a partner in SONY and Samsung's green supply chain.


Other than actively accomplishing the customers needs, we have also introduced the green system to integrate the companys interior in order to allow constant conveyance of green messages. In 2008, the IECQ_QC080000 was implemented, which is the IECQ hazardous substance procedure management system. Furthermore, domestic and overseas plants have obtained verification since October 2008.To ensure effective management of hazardous materials, CPT launched the QC080000 2012 version in 2014 and was successfully certified in December 2014. In February 2015, CPT received the official QC080000 certificate.   (2015.08.31 updated)

IECQ QC080000 2012 version Management System Flow Model
IECQ QC08000 2012 version  certificate
Taoyuan PlantLungtan PlantYangmei Plant
(2015.08.31 updated)


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