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The EICC (see for further details) has been actively pursued by companies worldwide as the guidelines for CSR performance.  Upon adopting the Code, a business may be able to:
    Systematically formulate and execute a set of comprehensive labor policy, build positive image of the company and its products and improve clients confidence.
    Certification as an EICC-compliant business strengthens the companys competitive strength in the niche market. Affirmation of compliance with international standards through external validation helps the company to establish its credibility and reduce the need for a second party audit on the supplier at the request of the client.
    Avoid down grading of supplier rating or become disqualified as a supplier due to failure to comply with clients requirements.

    CPT has launched a project in 2009 that took several months to complete the construction of a comprehensive management system for implementation production plants in Taiwan and China. In 2009, CPT voluntarily submitted a request for validation of its compliance with the EICC by all our production plants. The external validation was completed over the period from December 2009 to January 2010. CPT was the first manufacturing firm in Taiwan to voluntarily request for an EICC validation, and the first to pass on the concept to suppliers. Our actions are robust proofs for our commitment to CSR. SGS (Taiwan) was engaged as the third party auditor. SGS conducted the audit by examining documents, undertaking field audits and conducting interviews with the companys employees. The five major focus areas are labor, health and safety, environment, management system and ethics. We have received a Validated Audit Report (VAR) issued by EICC on November 11, 2010, becoming the first optoelectronics manufacturer in Taiwan to obtain the certification.

EICC external audit


   Worker and Human Rights Requirement  

CPT launched a progressive plan in the 3rd quarter of 2009 requesting our suppliers to become compliant to the EICC, to take account of GHG emissions and product carbon trails and to submit their carbon-reduction proposals in order for suppliers to meet the energy-saving and carbon-reduction requirements of EICC.  In the initial phase of our campaign, CPT hosted supplier conferences to promote the concept, share CPTs experience with suppliers and information on training programs. CPT also set the on-site consultation timetable with the respective suppliers. CPT hoped to make sure that our suppliers understand our dedication to the CSR initiatives. The optimal goal is to establish a supply chain that carries a positive image and is committed to pursuing labor, human rights, safety and environmental sustainability, and hence to boost consumer confidence.


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