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 Product Application Technology

 Free Form, Notch Display with Touch in Cell
The integration of Free Form, Notch and In-Touch (TIC) will be the design trend of the display for consumers wanted fashion style. CPT developed many kinds Free form and notch display with TIC and high resolution to provide consumers with Large, dazzling and high performance screen experience.

 Tracking Gate-Line in Pixel
TGP (Tracking Gate-line in Pixel) narrow border technique is changing tracking gate-line layout from conventional border area to display area. It can continue to use the same driving circuit and get the slimmer border. This technique has good reliability and is suitable for automotive application.

 Ultra Wide Display
Ultra-wide display is integrated Cluster & CID in one panel. It is a large size automotive product and have respective driving system. This product will provide car better texture and integration.

 Combine Display
CPT developed variety of combine display that is integration the Cluster, CID and front seat displays. According to simulation car interior ratio, the combined display is not only simplifies the design, but also enhances the overall aesthetic and texture of the car.

 Circle SmartWatch
Wearable technology has become popular fashion in our daily life. CPT using a-Si process to develop a 1.3 Wearable Display Circle Smart Watch. We believe the wearable display can be useful and particular in smart watch application.

 Switchable Rearview Mirror Display
  • Integration of Rearview Mirror & Display function
  • Anti-glare function can reduce glare light from rear car
  • Eliminate unwanted reflection interference

 Mini LED Display
Using mini LED direct backlight and local dimming technology achieve high dynamic contrast vision to provide driver safer environment. The product also ca be thinner, Lower power consumption and high dynamic contrast.
Mini LED Display Local Dimming Backlight

 Novel Touch Technology

 2D Touch + 3D Gesture Touch
CPT develops new touch technology that combines 2D touch and 3D gesture sensing base on capacitive method. The 3D gesture sensing technology can help user operate display by hover- gesture directly. This technology can be applied in center informative display (CID) of automotive that can help driver avoid car accident caused driver doesnt watch display during operation.

 CID with Touch Knob
CPT develops new touch technology that combines touch knob base on capacitive method. The touch knob technology can help user operate display by directly. This technology can be application in center information display (CID) that can help driver avoid car accident.

 TFT Technology

 Metal Oxide Display
Metal Oxide TFT has features like high mobility, integrate with a-Si TFT product line and scale up easily, is suitable for High-end LCD, OLED, QLED, micro-LED control system. This technology can apply in smart phone and tablet product.

 Flexible Technology

Flexible display had some features like soft and shape variety that considered the next generation display technology. It will be widely used in a variety of non-planar space in the future. The flexible display will increase value of products and provide user more applications and possibilities.

 Curved LCD
The feature of Curved LCD is lighter, thinner, unbroken and bendable, etc. The process of curved LCD is similar to conventional glass display and has the advantages of manufacturing cost and reliability than Flexible AMOLED. The Curved LCD is a rising star in the market and provides users with different experiences in the future.
  • Flexible substrate and Backlight
  • Thinner, slim, unbreakable
  • Size unlimitedize unlimited

 Material Technology

 Colorful Transparent LCD
CPT has developed Surface Anchoring Liquid Crystal (SALC) that has feature like high transmittance and low power consumption cause polarizer free and make the product more competitive. Transparent LCD of SALC can display clear image via ambient light. This technology can be applied in PID, entertainment, window screen area.
  • High transmittance (Color: 20%; Nomo: 40%)
  • low driving voltage
  • Power saving (Green Product)
  • High image quality

 Dynamic Reflective Display
CPT has developed SALC technology for reflective Mono/Colorful dynamic display. It can show clear image by ambient light and make the product more competitive. This technology can be applied in education and ESL area.
  • Dynamic Reflective Display
  • Full-color image
  • Fast response time
  • Backlight Free
  • Polarizer Free
  • Low power consumption( <1 W )

 Quantum Dot Material
Quantum dots (QD) materials with high color purity characteristics that will become an important technology for display. This material not only can be applied to display, but also can be applied to lighting. According to it, CPT is focusing and developing QD materials and components at currently. CPT has been development red, yellow, green, blue cadmium free quantum material successfully. CPT will still upgrade QD material of efficiency, color purity and multiple colors. Besides, CPT also will be development AMQLED in the future.

 AI Solution

 Smart Factory
CPT developed AI solution for smart factory. By using deep learning AI technology, we reduced most human eye checking effort. It makes manufacturing and quality control system much more automatic.

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