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 Novel Application Technology

 Touch in Cell Technology
The structure of touch in cell integrated the touch sensor and TFT Array in display. Besides, CPT use TDDI (Touch Display Driver Integration) IC technology and can provide thinnest and simply touch module for our customer. This technology can apply in smart phone and tablet product.

 2D Touch + 3D Gesture Touch
CPT develops new touch technology that combines 2D touch and 3D gesture sensing base on capacitive method. The 3D gesture sensing technology can help user operate display by hover- gesture directly. This technology can be applied in center informative display (CID) of automotive that can help driver avoid car accident caused driver doesnt watch display during operation. This technology was award 2017 Gold Panel Awards.

 Combine Display
The combine display is a large size automotive product. This product is provided with two functions: Cluster (12.3) & CID (12.3). This product will provide car has better texture and integration.

 NFC on Display
NFC Display is integrated of NFC antenna and TIC display module. CPT use TDDI IC and can provide thinnest, simply NFC and touch function display module for our customer. This product can be applied in IoTPOS and Security product.

 Novel Display Technology

 Solution Metal Oxide
Metal Oxide TFT has features like high mobility, integrate with a-Si TFT product line and scale up easily, is suitable for AMOLED and High-end LCD product. CPT and Evonik cooperate and develop solution type of Metal Oxide TFT at currently. The process of solution metal oxide TFT is by Non-Vacuum process that has cost advantage. It can make CPTs product more competitive in the future.

Colorful transparent LCD
CPT has developed colorful transparent display using by SALC and image optimization system. The features of transparent LCD is like high transmittance and low power consumption that can make the product more competitive. Transparent LCD can display clear image via ambient light and can be applied in mobile device, entertainment, education, and HUD area.
  • High transmittance (>25%)
  • low driving voltage (~5V)
  • Power saving (Green Product)
  • High image quality

Reflective Dynamic E-book Technology
CPT has developed polarizer-free liquid crystal technology for reflective Mono/Colorful dynamic E-book. It can show clear image by ambient light and make the product more competitive. This innovative technology can provide novel application for display product in the future
  • Dynamic Reflective Display
  • Full-color image
  • Ultrafast response time
  • Backlight Free
  • Polarizer Free
  • Low power consumption( <1 W )
 Flexible Technology

Flexible display with some features like soft and shape variety is considered the next generation display technology. It will be widely used in a variety of non-planar space in the future. The flexible display will increase value of products and provide user more applications and possibilities.

 Flexible AMOLED
CPT has developed 7.5" Metal Oxide AMOLED. The folding radius of display is 5mm and has a 180 degree folding angle by plastic substrate and unique structural design. Foldable AMOLED will provide a new generation of mobile products has tablet and smart phone features.

 Flexible LCD
CPT has developed Flexible LCD which used similar process to glass type LCD. Flexible LCD has light, thinner, unbroken and other benefits that can be used in many products. Compared with Flexible AMOLED, Flexible LCD has advantages in manufacturing costs, reliability, etc. It can be occupied and applied in smartphone, automotive, e-book and other product in the future.

Flexible OLED Lighting
CPT has developed Flexible OLED lighting which has several key technologies like: Flexible Substrate Process , High Reliability of Water Resistance and Stress balance of Multi-Layer Structural. By these technologies, OLED Lighting can make lighter, thinner and widely used. Besides, these technologies also can be applied in other products like AMOLED and PMOLED.
  • Thickness: ~ 0.2 mm
  • Weight: <2g
  • Curvature: R ~ 6 mm
  • Auxiliary lighting & Non glare
 Novel Process and Material

 FMM Free OLED Process
CPT is collaboration with imec-Holst who is European research institute to verify a novel photolithography process for ultrafine OLED patterning. This novel process can replace the traditional Fine Metal Mask (FMM) process to make high resolution AMOLED. The pixel size and location of AMOLED can be precisely controlled by this process that can reduce some issues like color mixing. Besides, the process can apply in large size production line and will have some advantages like simplified process, optimized yield rate, etc.. This process can be widely used in virtual reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and other next- generation products in the future to create a higher quality experience.

  Quantum Dot Material
Quantum dots (QD) materials with high color purity and other characteristics that will become an important technology for display. This material not only can be applied to display, but also can be applied to lighting. According to it, CPT is focusing and developing QD materials and components at currently. CPT has been developed red, yellow, green, blue cadmium free quantum material successfully. In the future, CPT will still develop high efficiency, color purity and multiple colors QD material.

  Smart System

 Automatic Catering Service
Electronic ordering system has become popular cause manpower saving. CPT has developed automatic catering service system can provide customer Intimate dining experience. There are three functions on this system, including:
(1). Smart ordering table,
(2). Automatic serving robot, and
(3). Smart management system (POS)
From ordering meals to management system, automatic catering service system will be able to fully automation to deal with related process. It can save the manpower of restaurant service and customer waiting time to provide customer intimate dining experience.

Smart Home Robot嚗
CPT has developed smart home robot like an intimate housekeeper can accompany user around. It has function of home environment detection and AI analysis that can help user avoid fire and search lost property. Smart home robot can enhance safety and living convenience.
  • Smart Home Assistant
  • Smart Surveillance and Security
  • Object Recognition
  • Cloud Analysis
  • Indoor Positioning
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