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Low Carbon Corporate Action Plan 


      CPT is committed to a green workplace and the introduction of energy conservation and carbon reduction concepts into daily life, as called for by the passage of the Environmental Education Act. Although the company is not specifically targeted by the legislation, we are aware that the important concepts of environmental protection cannot be infused into peoples minds without enhancing employee education and training, in order to amplify the results of various energy conservation and carbon reduction projects, and achieve company-wide participation. Therefore, in 2010, the company started planning environmental education implementation methods, which can be separated into active and passive classes, which were designated as required professional classes for the entire company in 2011. As called for by the principle behind the implementation of the national sustainable energy policy outlines and overall energy conservation and carbon reduction initiative, CPT, as a global citizen, will be committed to its carbon reduction plan. In 2010, CPTs low carbon corporate action plan (referred to as Green Actions for short) was proposed, which simultaneously focuses on green production for products and low carbon activities for daily life. Maintaining the spirit of Green Life & Green World, the company strives for production and green energy as part of its two highs and two lows green policy: 

 High Production increasing the efficiency of energy usage and production
    High Quality production of environmentally friendly green products
    Low Emissions gradual annual reductions in carbon dioxide emissions
    Low Pollution reduction of environmental impacts from manufacturing production and employee activities

CPT will simultaneously enhance employee environmental education, in hopes of fostering green cultures and concepts in every operating unit, and gradually spread carbon reduction concepts to every corner of the company. Also, CPT has requested suppliers to perform greenhouse gas inspections, and encourage third party verifications. CPT can lend its many years of inspection experience for assistance, and it hopes that all suppliers can engage in competent carbon management. In the future, CPT will simultaneously initiate carbon reduction plans to contribute what it can in terms of improvement measures for climate change.

  Greenhouse Gas Inspection and Reduction Targets and Measures 

To realize carbon management, CPT continues to perform its annual greenhouse inspection and verification work. Each plant trains seed personnel to undertake relevant work, and every year, third party verification agencies are asked to perform external verifications. After verification letters are acquired, it will aid in the revelation of greenhouse gas management to CPTs immediate beneficiaries. Also, to assist with the implementation of the Environmental Protection Agencys greenhouse gas initiative project, verification data is annually submitted for relevant information registration with the national greenhouse gas registration platform. In the future, we hope to have the opportunity to join the global carbon trading market. 

(2018.07.20 updated)

  Improvement Project for Potential Substances with Low Moisture temperature Effects in the Manufacturing Process

CPT actively discloses its greenhouse gas management information to external observers, and hope to gather relevant opinions for continuous improvements. CPT is a member of the Taiwan TFT LCD Association (TTLA), which holds regular annual review meetings for greenhouse gas emissions. Other than disclosing our own emissions over the national greenhouse gas registration platforms, we also use the association to explain our carbon management and reduction methods to domestic government agencies and international WLICC members (including opto-electronic enterprises from Japan and South Korea). We continue to absorb new knowledge and review our performance, and we also share our reduction experience with all enterprises in the industry as partof our collective effort to address climate change.
    TTLA signed its first cooperative memorandum for voluntary reductions with the Environmental Protection Administration in 2004. In 2007, it signed the Voluntary Greenhouse Gas Reduction Agreement with the Ministry of Economic Affairs. CPT will also work with TTLA to provide regular emission information of fluorinated compounds, and engage in reductions of fluorinated compounds. Our management procedures include:
1. Reconstruction of the chemical vapor deposition (CVD) process in the Taoyuan and Longtan plants have been completed, which results in emission reduction of carbon dioxide.
2. Emissions produced by manufacturing processes that use fluorocarbons (FCs), is a major source of greenhouse gas emission during the production process of thin membrane liquid crystal display devices. Currently, processes for end gases from machines include increasing production usage rate and adding local scrubbers (LS).