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Water Resources Management

 Droughts are becoming increasingly common in the world due to the effects of climate change. However, the TFT-LCD manufacturing industry has high demands for water. Therefore, CPT is engaged in long term commitments to reduce water usage and recycle and reuse water resources during manufacturing processes in order to reduce the risks of water resource shortages.
    CPTs water conservation measures for the production process primarily focused on water conservation for the facilities during production and water management. By adjusting the cleaning machine platforms water usage volume and improving standby / maintenance of water management methods, to further reduce consumption of pure water.

  Wastewater Disposal

In 2011, CPT improved the manufacturing processes to successfully reduce water usage during manufacturing processes, as well as recycle and reuse water. The nonorganic wastewater is processed by the processing system and supplied back to the water cooling tower and recirculating cooling water (RCW). Organic wastewater is processed by MBR (biological + membrane) processes and then filtered, recycled, and reused through reverse osmosis to effectively reduce wastewater outflow and reduce the environmental impacts of CPTs water usage and wastewater.
   CPT continued to improve and upgrade its wastewater treatment system, such as adding the organic wastewater membrane replacement in the wastewater processing facility of CPTs Longtan plant, while a non-organic system recycling and processing facility was added to the Yangmei plant.