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Air Pollution Prevention

Accounting for Legislations for Dispersing Organic Substance Emission Parameters嚗CPT is observing legal standard requirements as it engages in relevant measures to control air pollution. CPT also uses the newest zeolite turbine incinerator to reduce the amount of dispersing organic substances. As the legislation was promulgated, preventative levies for dispersing organic air pollution was introduced at the same time. The emission parameter for TFT-LCD manufacturing was designated at 0.18 kg / invested glass area (m2). Because each plants emission intensity was different during operation, the emission parameter for dispersing organic substances should have been lower than the promulgated value after strict control, resulting in overpaying. Therefore, CPT engaged in establishing its own plant parameters. After applying to the Taoyuan government to approve its own plant parameters, preventative costs for dispersing organic air pollution can be reduced, thus also reducing the companys operational costs. Subsequently, the cost savings can be invested in maintaining and improving the efficiency of air pollution prevention facilities.

Fluoride & PFCs Gas Disposal嚗CPTs Taoyuan and Lungtan plants TFT manufacturing process involve membrane molding and dry etching procedures that use SF6 and NF3 gases for the manufacturing process. Therefore, fluoride gases that have not reacted completely would be emitted from the end gas emissions. Because SF6 and NF3 are greenhouse gases with high global warming potential (GWP), CPT uses high temperature burning to break down the gases molecules, augmented by particle accumulation filter bags to capture the secondary solid pollutant that result from the burning process silicon dioxide. Lastly, the cleaning tower is used to clean out special gas molecules in the waste gas. Currently, efficiency is at 90% or above.

Disposal of Acidic and Basic Gases嚗Acidic and basic gases are emitted during the TFT manufacturing process in CPTs Taoyuan and Lungtan plants and the CF manufacturing process in the Yangmei plant. After acidic or basic solutions interact adequately with water, acidic and basic ions from the emissions are dissolved in water, and the resultant cleaning water flow to the wastewater treatment plant for treatment. After removing acidic and basic ions, emissions are released into the atmosphere at pH7~9. The plant has placed automatic solution adding systems in the cleaning tower, which enable instantaneous monitoring of pH values, residual chlorine, and electric conductivity values, in order to ensure the cleaning efficiency of the cleaning tower.