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Supply chain Management

       CPT values green and sustainable development and is fully committed to the development of green products. Therefore, CPT sets a goal to use only materials that are compliant with green standards, and that is why CPT has been actively assisting its suppliers to become green enterprises. CPT continues to renew its certifications (EU: EU RoHS, REACH-SVHC, Montreal Protocol and Greenpeace Org, Japan JGPSSI and China RoHS), develop products that meet customers requirements for green products and actively demand and assist our suppliers to achieve the standards and quality of green products requested by our customers. To speed up the process of green material recognition, we shortened the green material recognition time for the design and development processes. In 2010, we introduced the Green Product Management (GPM) system. With active collaboration and support from our suppliers, we were able to quickly determine the compliance of the green materials and make timely response to customers needs.

In addition, to cope with the issues including the Electronic Industry Code of Conduct (EICC), GHG effect, energy and resource depletion, and climate change, we further implement social corporate responsibility together with suppliers. In practice, we encourage suppliers to agree with and implement the EICC, implement GHG organizational inventory, disclose water consumption and waste information, complete the supplier CSR self-assessment sheet, assist in the carbon and water footprint assessment of products, and sign the sustainability statement and policy, so as to address relevant CSR and environmental issues. At the CPT, we hold the supplier conference each year and act as a model green supplier. With this platform, we share professional knowledge and energy efficiency enhancement know-how with suppliers, so as to develop green partners for the CPT. From the viewpoint of value chain; we hope to create a complete green supply chain system with green partners to produce eco-friendly green products and work for quality life.
  •  CPT Purchasing Policy
1. Follow the corporate policy to create profits for CPT and establish a co-existence and co-prosperity relationship with suppliers upon the impartiality and reasonability.
2. Recruit and cultivate quality purchasers and implement job rotation to enrich employee competencies.
3. Capture supply sources and aggressively cultivate excellent suppliers, OEM contractors, and second sources.
4. Capture four major elements: quality, delivery time, price, and after service to create profits for CPT.
5. Be familiar with market supply and demand, enrich professional knowledge, and optimize communication and coordination to enhance purchasing efficiency.

  • Supplier Conference
      To move towards sustainable development and continuously promote corporate social responsibility, CPT holds a Supplier Conference annually. Through the Supplier Conference, we establish the most direct advocacy, consultation and communication platform for our suppliers. CPT hosted the CPT Supplier Quality and Green Sustainability Forum. The content includes continuous efforts to fulfill corporate social responsibility, the spirit of "Green Life, Green World", three-year Green Optimization Plan and green supply chain, integrating four themes: quality, green, environment and CSR. In response to the international trends of environmental protection, CPT launched the new version CPT Hazardous Substance Management Standards and future environmental policy, in advocacy of CPTs expectations in quality and ethical labor management. In the Forum, CPT shared the experience in energy saving, carbon reduction and water saving and promoted carbon reduction and water conservation activities at the supplier-end. We also requested our suppliers to fulfill their CSR and comply with the Electronics Industry Code of Conduct. To encourage good supplier practice, CPT honored outstanding suppliers with the Supplier Excellence Award, targeting to form a consensus of green supply chain and create a win-win partnership for shared prosperity.
(2018.07.20 updated)
  • CPT-Supplier Action
Support the CPT to implement CSR (EICC) management
Support the CPT to implement energy conservation and carbon reduction management.


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