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Management of Public Service Activities

      CPT cares about society, and incorporates employee participation in social charities and local community events to contribute to community development and harmony. CPT also actively promotes environmental education. Internally, CPT develops green lifestyle concepts among employees and promotes the importance of environmental education, maintenance, and management. Externally, CPT promotes community culture, environmental protection, and natural ecological protection to create healthy and environmental community lifestyles and facilitate cultural inheritance, so that CPT, its employees, and communities can all grow together in order to fulfill our corporate social responsibilities.

      CPT undertook major corporate social responsibilities, providing employment opportunities in Taiwanese plants, and also intensifying promotion of local culture and compassionate care, as well as providing emergency care for poor people in certain communities.

      Emergency ReliefOne of CPTs missions is to be involved in community movements. At the same time, we are committed to upgrading the various community amenities. We have set aside a budget to carry out periodic repair and maintenance of community hardware facilities and offer allowances for wedding, funeral and other festive occasions. We also made the companys green open space available to community residents and installed leisure facilities to offer them an ideal place to relax and enjoy during their free time. We hope to establish sound relationships and maintain good interactions with local residents.

Maintenance of community park
Maintenance of community road

   Promote Employment Opportunities for the Physically Impaired: CPT is committed to employment opportunities for disadvantaged minorities. In 2011, CPT provided visually impaired massage therapists as full time employees, who provide services in massage stations in all plants. Providing a free stress-relieving massage after a busy day of work not only helps maintain the physical and mental health of employees and generate high acclaim, they can also utilize their skills and increase employment opportunities for handicapped people.

Visually impaired message therapists were introduced, and massage stations are established in all plants.
The CPT provided job opportunities for people with disabilities
(2016.08.19 updated)

    Corporate Volunteer Club: CPTs corporate volunteer club is thriving. Our corporate volunteers often use their spare time to volunteer at the various locations of Genesis Social Welfare Foundation, orphanages, and different educate centers to help the disadvantaged groups. Our corporate volunteers share the mutual passion of helping the disadvantaged groups learn to live independently and support each other to rediscover their life ambitions.

Corporate Volunteer Club
Corporate Volunteer Club
Colleagues from the Corporate Volunteer Club provide care to seniors in the Sanhe community.
Charity events organized by CPT employee charity clubs(2016.08.19 updated)

    Book Sharing Event: In 2011, an exchange platform was established through the Book Sharing Event held by the library to allow colleagues to reuse their book resources and spread the love for books so that their cherished book resources can be shared and reused again. In 2012, CPT will further implement the Book Donation Charity    Share Your  Cherished  Books  event,  where  the companys community groups will turn books donated from our colleagues to groups in need of help, so that our colleagues can do their part of the Earths environment in addition to donating books for charitable causes.

Family Day Activity Donate books for potted plants to make a contribution to environmental protection and public welfare

Resource Donation : CPT has donated waste IT products for six consecutive years since 2010 to the Development Center for the Spinal Cord Injured to raise funds for rehabilitation or training programs for the spinal cord injured or the mentally and physically disabled. Long-term cooperative relationships have been established with social welfare organizations. The information technology scrap material donation program will continue to gain support and assistance from the senior executives and the Department of Information Technology in 2015. We have also drafted the Procedures For Information Technology Scrap Material Donation and completed the registration with the competence authority, as well as established a standard management program. Planned donation programs help us reduce waste and provide resources to the charity groups. We take actions to advocate recycle of toner cartridges as the part of our commitment to fulfill corporate social responsibility and protection of the environment.(2016.08.19 updated)

Turning obsolete electronic products into compassion creates win-win solutions for the environment and disadvantaged groups

  Involving in Activities of Neighboring Communities (Taiwan)


      Upholding the belief in care for society and active requital for society and local communities. Starting from 2010, CPT was invited by the Sanhe Community Development Association to participate in the Tung Blossom Festival activities for 6 consecutive years. In 2015, CPT was invited to be co-organizer for this event.On occasion of the 2015 Tong Blossom Event, CPT organized a series of challenge and eco-friendly DIY activities including a Green Mark pitching grid and a Tong Blossom origami activity. Participants gradually formed environmental protection and ecological conservation concepts during these activities.

Green Mark pitching grid Tong Blossom origami activity

      CPT actively invested in charitable events for local temples/  schools/various indicator groups, and elevated the humane quality of communities by upholding the action principle of I hunger if another hungers and sponsoring activities such as charitable events, environmental awareness campaigns, traditional local festivals, etc. CPT also combined police and fire agencies around all plant areas with civil defense groups of townships. Not only are major safety exercises and fire safety seminars held each year, community patrols are further provided with various vehicles and subsidies on repairs and fuel costs to consolidate safety concepts among local populations and enhance law enforcement mechanisms for townships.

Ruguo Childrens Theatrical Group Song of the Wandering Dog performance arts event
2011 Fubon Taipei Marathon event, CPT financed the application fees of 27 visually impaired people.
5 public charity groups jointly present gratuitous statements to CPT
Exchanging obsolete cell phones for picnic cloths during CPT Family Day
CPT adopt organic tea garden for protect the planet activity.  
Sponsorship of an event titled Arithmetic of Life Flags Carnival organized by the Beautiful Taiwan Foundation for recycling and conversion of waste flags into eco bags activity.  
The tour activity of park of Bade eco ponds.

  Natural Disasters in China and Emergency Relief

      CPTs charitable projects in China mostly focused on providing financial assistance to those in need and disaster relief to disaster-stricken areas. Primary events for all plant areas include:
Chunghwa Picture Tubes (Wujiang) Ltd.
1.   Plant charity sale: the Corporate Volunteer Club donated coffee and second hand clothing. Proceeds were donated to the compassionate fund, which will help many people.
2. Subsidy for poor students in Aixin School: to help outstanding students in Aixin School of Wujiang City graduate, management  subsidies, donations from colleagues, and the compassionate fund were used to help 20 students successfully graduate.
3. Fulfill 100 wishes in Aixin School: poor children cannot afford to buy supplies needed for school. Aixin school initiated the 100-children, 100-wish event. Under diligent rallying of our colleagues and managers, CPT successfully delivered the wish list of the poor children.
CPT Display Technology (Fujian) Ltd.
   1. Spring and fall tuition assistance: CPT visited struggling students in Pingtan and Yongtai, sponsoring 32 elementary school students and issuing tuition assistance, gifts, etc...
2. Donated $RMB 200,000 to the charity organization of Mawei region, as well as establishing CPTs own charity branch.
CPT TPV Optical (Fujian) Co., Ltd.
1. Charity event for Fuqing City Orphanage: CPT held a charity event for Fuqing City Orphanage, where corporate club representatives presented foot items to 26 orphans, as well as caring for and encouraging them.
2. School assistance for elementary schools in remote villages in Fuqing City: CPT held a school assistance event in  Dongshan Elementary School in Fuqing City (a remote and poverty-stricken mountain village elementary school), presenting 59 outstanding students with school supplies and sports apparel.


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