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 Metal Oxide TFT Display
Metal Oxide TFT has feature of high mobility (~10 cm2/V-sec) and high on current, is suitable for AMOLED and High-end LCD product. CPT develop solution type process and Demux drive technology on Metal Oxide TFT display. Solution metal oxide has cost advantage by Non-Vacuum process. Dumux (Source & Gate) drive not only can maintain the advantages of energy saving and high brightness , but also can reduce the number of IC and border size. These two technology can make the CPTs product more competitive in the future.

 Flexible AMOLED Technology
Wearable device is one of the most important display applications. Flexible AMOLED is the most suitable and potential technology for wearable devices. CPT develops Thin Film Encapsulation and high temperature resist & transparent plastic substrate technology applying to Flexible AMOLED, which can absorb the bending stress to prevent OLED display from mechanical damage.
  • Flexible Display
  • High Barrier Encapsualtion
  • Foldable (R~3mm)



Panel Size


Display Area

156.49 mm x 88.03 mm


1920 x 1080

Gate Driving

GIP Design


< 3 mm

 Curve LCD
CPT was developed curve LCD by OTFT(< 100簞C) technology. The curve LCD uses TAC substrate and flexible LED backlight, having characteristics of slim, light and unbreaken. This is the first OTFT curve LCD in the world. It can be used on wearable devices, mobile devices and some industrial (like advertising) application.



Panel Size


Display Area

105 mm x 58 mm


300(RGB) x 540

Gate Driving

GIP Design


< 50 mm

Colorful transparent LCD
CPT has developed polarizer-free liquid crystal technology with RGBW pixel design on Colorful transparent display. It can show clear image via ambient light. This technology not only can maintain the advantages of high transmittance and high image quality, but also can reduce power output. It can make the product more competitive. This technology can be applied in many kinds of the products such as mobile display, demonstration kit or car-use head-up display.
  • High transmittance (>25%)
  • low driving voltage (~5V)
  • Power saving (Green Product)
  • High image quality

Colorful Dynamic E-paper Technology
CPT has developed polarizer-free liquid crystal technology with Reflective panel design on Colorful dynamic e-paper display. It can show clear image with ambient light. This technology not only can maintain the advantages of high Reflectivity and high image quality, but also can reduce power output. It can make the product more competitive. This technology can be applied in many kinds of the products such as Colorful dynamic e-paper display or Electronic signage.
  • High reflectivity(>20%)
  • low driving voltage (~3.5V)
  • High frame rate (60Hz)
  • Full-color image
Touch in Cell Technology
The structure of Touch in cell is integrated the touch sensor and TFT Array in display. CPT combined Touch in cell with TDDI (Touch Display Driver Integration) IC technology and provided thinnest and simply touch module for our customer. This technology can apply in smart phone and tablet product.

 ToC with passive stylus Technology
CPT implement passive stylus technology in ToC (Touch on Cell) panel to support hand touch and pencil writing. The difference is the passive stylus is any arbitrary pencil compared with active stylus. CPT alreday developed ToC with passive stylus and will be applied in education tablet product.



Panel size



1280 x 800

Display area

216.96 x 135.6 mm


400 nits

Contract Ratio

800 : 1

Touch type


Glass LGP Display Module
Compared with conventional light guide plate and guide plate glass, glass in addition to the light guide plate itself has good dimensional stability and strength than the conventional module can achieve thinner, in order to enhance the product features and reliability.
  • Thinner LCM module
  • Dimensionally stable and strong material strength
  • Improve product features and reliability verification

Smart Watch Display
CPT demonstrated the wearable technology about 2-in. full-circle display by using a-Si(Amorphous Silicon). High resolution (480xRGBx480, 240PPI) and GIP circuits design is the characteristic in this display. The results of optical verification and reliability test show this 2-in. full-circle display has good performance.
  • Full-circle active area
  • High resolution and GIP (Gate in Panel) circuits design in
  • Lower cost by using a-Si (Amorphous Silicon) process

Structure of 2 full circle display

2 Full-Circle Smart Watch

 High-Efficacy OLED Lighting Technology
OLED(Organic Light Emitting Diode) is a surface light source and has advatages like thin, lightweight, uniform and flexibility. Its expected become a major source of next-generation solid state lighting. Developed OLED lighting by CPT is a green product(Thin, fast reponse, low driving voltage, and no mercury) and meets the requirements of the next generation of lighting conditions for better life in the future.
  • Low Power Comsumption---Without Backlight Unit
  • Natural Color Resembling Sunlight---High CRI
  • Uniform Llight Source---No Glare and Eye Strain
  • Ideal Solid State Lighting---No heat and Ultraviolet

Smart System Integration Technology
Smart System become popular because IoT and embedded system development. CPT integrate display, sensor and application technolgy to develop variety of smart systems products.
(1). Smart Living嚗
Smart Living System provides total solution for home automation. The system can make living confortable, safe, green and user friendly.
Functions List:
  • Home appliance control/Mode setting
  • Danger watching (CO, Gas,Fire)
  • Home surveillance
  • Power saving
  • Abnormal notice & danger alarm
  • Remote control
(2). Smart Home Robot嚗
Smart Home Robot provides voice control directly. It can help you to make living more comfortable and more convenient.
Functions List::
  • Voice control of Home appliance
  • Facial and Emotion Recognition
  • Danger watching (CO, Gas,Fire)
  • Home surveillance
  • Power saving
  • Abnormal notice & danger alarm
  • Indoor Positioning
  • Cloud Computing Analysis
(3). Smart Healthy Care
Smart Health Care System can records health data easily and immediately. The system is very suitable for family, company and nursing home.
  • Easy operation: wireless setup and auto saving.
  • Personal health care app : health data monitoring and suggestion.
  • Portable health knowledge data base.

(4). Smart Factory Monitor System

      Smart Factory Monitor System ulitilzes in the plant factory and can creates a suitable environment for plant high quality growth. The features

  • Live monitor : Real time video of IP Cameras.
  • Environment Monitor : All data collection and monitoring, and auto warming message sending. 
  • Devices control :To control all devices such as light, water pump, etc.
(5). Wearable Device: Smart Glass

      Smart glass consists of a miniaturized display, compact circuits and optical components. This slim device has embedded OS which can support snapshot, videos recording, gesture recognition and QR code scanning by camera. This product also can use for professional (like Doctor, fireman, etc) area for gesture control and real-time information sharing.

(6). Mirror Display

      Mirror display system includes specific optical films that can be used like mirror.  Embbed touch modules and controller system by ourselves can receive real-time information (like weather, traffic, etc.). Besides, user can use video-communication by Mirror display.

(7). Smart Guidance
Smart Guidance is an indoor positioning technology. User can through relative position of Beacon transmitter and customized APP to perform actions by smart phone or tablet. The main applications:
  • Information / Advertisement Broadcast
  • Local Based Service (LBS)
  • Indoor Management navigation

Plant Factory      

     In response to the issue of aging population and food safety, CPT integrates many technologies for providing customers requirement and help them to enjoy healthier lifestyles. We can provide variety new planting techniques with high economic value and nutritional value. All plants are low microorganism and nitrate.
     We leverage the Tatung Groups new brand In Fresh to provide customers with comprehensive, tailor-made services.

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